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Bangor High School

Bangor High School uses GoGuardian, which essentially does the same scanning. The alerts go to our three administrators by email, who respond as appropriate and alert the others, again by email.

RSU 06/MSAD 06, Standish

At Bonny Eagle Middle School we get emails for some alerts directly to our cell phones. Bark has a list of phone numbers starting with the principal, and if no answer it goes through a call list including the superintendent. Each school works through their plan with central office, and central office will take calls after 7pm if building admin are not willing.

MSAD 20, Fort Fairfield

We don’t have a specific protocol in place, we have two sources: email and our anonymous reporting link. Both come through email, in which principal, assistant principal and social workers, periodically check over the weekend. If urgent we call PD, DHHS, parents etc.

MSAD 27, Fort Kent

Our Gmail filters are automatically forwarded to the Principal, Dean of Students and a Social Worker.  As soon as we are alerted by an email that may indicate a life being threatened, we immediately contact each other.  We promptly make a game plan which includes contacting local law enforcement and parents.  Depending on the situation, we may include our other social worker, two guidance counselors and Superintendent as well.  We promptly either Zoom or meet at school to implement any protocol or plan that may be needed; for example, implementing a Crisis Intervention Plan.

Our school district is also looking at subscribing to Securely (see along with two other districts within our Valley Unified Schools System. Madawaska Middle / High school is currently using it and they love it.  Hope this helps!

RSU 42/MSAD 42, Mars Hill

Usually the guidance counselor and/or the principal is contacted and we assess the danger to the student or others and will usually call the parent.  It doesn’t happen a lot but there have been a few times this year.

MSAD 49, Fairfield

The Director of Technology will get the alert and disseminate to admin and SRO.

RSU 3, Unity

We don’t use the Gaggle program, but we do have a protocol for how to handle our Beacon Alerts (which sounds like the same thing) after hours or over the weekend.

In our protocol, the beacon alert goes directly to our IT department head. From there, IT is directed to contact the student’s building administrator via their prefered method of contact, which for me is my home telephone, since I have poor cell phone service in my town. We created a contact list that not only includes all forms of contact for all crisis team members, but also highlights each administrator’s prefered method of contact. From there, the administrator would contact the family or our school counselor or law enforcement, depending on the urgency of the matter at hand. If the beacon requires corrective or disciplinary action (such as a porn search, for example), the administrator contacts family and discusses administrative response.

RSU 4, Wales

Ours are sent to our district tech director as well as the building administrators. Generally, the admin handle the concerns and respond to the email that we are on top of it. We generally only hear from the tech director if they haven’t seen our response and it has been a while.

RSU 71, Belfast

We have a prioritized scaffold of who gets called. If I am first and I do not answer then the call goes on to the assistant principal, next in line is the AD, 4th on the call list is head of Guidance, etc.

Scarborough High School, Scarborough

At Scarborough HS, we use GoGuardian. When we receive a self-harm alert on weekends or weeknights, we notify parents immediately. While it may depend on what we learn from that conversation, it is not uncommon to have that student check-in with a social worker upon returning to school and develop a support plan as appropriate.

If we receive an alert about a student accessing inappropriate behavior on a weekend, we’ll usually notify the parent and student that we’ve received an alert and arrange for a meeting upon the student’s return to school.

South Portland School District

In South Portland, alerts go to the Director of Tech and APs at HS and MS who then address concerns. APs reach out to ES principals when incidents come up for elementary kiddos.

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