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Bonny Eagle Middle School, Buxton

At the middle level BEMS requires cell phones to put in their locker and turned off for the day. They can get them back at the end of day.

Bruce M. Whittier Middle School, Poland

Cell Phones and Electronics

  • Upon arrival at school, cell phones and all other electronic devices must be placed in students’ locked lockers, given to advisor, or to the main office where they are to remain for the entire day. Students may retrieve phones/electronics from any of these locations at the end of the school day. 
  • Students using or possessing electronics during the school day (including in their pockets), will have their device confiscated and given to their RT advisor to return at the end of the school day. Second offenses will require an individual plan to remedy the issue. 
  • Headphones are to be used only with teacher permission for school related assignments and may not be worn in the hallways while changing classes.

Camden-Rockport Middle School, Camden

We are a cell phone free school. Upon arriving in the morning students need to have cell phones out of sight. If we even see it out, even if it is not being used, we will confiscate it. The first time the student gets it back the same day. Anytime after that a parent has to come in and pick it up. It’s been really successful for us. We are a 5-8 middle school.

Center of Technology, Biddeford


As we move through the 21st Century, the use of electronic devices will likely permeate all aspects of our lives, including our school life.   Electronic devices when used in a focused and purposeful manner may facilitate learning.  However, the use of electronic devices that distract, impede or are not related to Biddeford Regional Center of Technology’s Learning Expectations of the school is prohibited. Students must understand and learn the appropriate use of electronic devices in a school and work setting.

Members of the BRCOT learning community believe that students learn best in classrooms free of distraction and disruption.  Our school environment must remain conducive to learning and safety. Devices that may interrupt a teacher or other students have no place in the classroom and are prohibited, unless for legitimate educational purposes only permitted by the instructor.  Cell phones and other electronic devices such as iPods shall be turned off during class including shop/lab time, at school-sponsored events, and bathrooms where there is an expectation of attentiveness and respect for the privacy of others. Cell phones need to be turned off, not only placed in silent vibrate mode. Instructors will schedule break time during the scheduled classes at which time the cell phone can be used.  At all other times, the phone is off and placed out of site.  If the phone is a distraction, the teacher has a right to confiscate the phone.  Individual teachers may allow use of these devices on a restricted basis –this is at teacher discretion, not the student’s decision. Students who violate these rules may have their devices confiscated to the main office for the school day.

Any emergency communications to or from students must be directed through the main office

The following guidelines apply to electronic devices at BRCOT:

  1. Electronic devices may not be used in any illegal or unethical manner;
  2. Electronic devices may not be used to harass, intimidate, or bully another person or to invade and violate another person’s privacy or copyright;
  3. Camera devices may not be used to photograph another person in any restroom, locker area, or any other area where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy;
  4. Electronic devices can be used during passing times, break time, and at the discretion of the instructor;

If a student fails to follow the outlined expectations, the school may take any or all of the following actions:

  1. The teacher may give a warning to put the electronic device away in a backpack, locker, purse or other secured location during instructional time.
  2. The teacher may confiscate the device and release it to the student at the end of the instructional time;
  3. The administration may confiscate the device and release it only to the parent/guardian. At the discretion of the administration, the student may be prohibited from possessing a personal electronic device on school property and at any school sponsored activity for a period of time.  
  4. The student will be subject to disciplinary consequences up to and including dismissal from BRCOT when and where appropriate.  If needed, law enforcement may be contacted for extenuating circumstances.
  5. Any student refusing to provide an electronic device upon request will be

          considered insubordinate and subject to further disciplinary action.

         Teachers are to give confiscated electronic devices to administration, if

         there is repeated misuse or the teacher believes the use is a violation of

         our safe school environment.  

  1. Some program instructors are more lenient regarding cell phone use.  It is

         their responsibility to provide the students and parents a copy of a written

         policy outline cell phone expectations.

Central Aroostook Junior/Senior High School, Mars Hill

Click HERE to view their policy

worth Elementary Middle School- students must leave cell in the locker or with homeroom teacher.  Can only access after asking permission to do so, during school hours.

Ellsworth High School, Ellsworth

At Ellsworth High we made a change this year.  We bought every room a cell phone holder and all phones are to be put in the holder upon entering classes.  If the student leaves their phone in the bottom of their bag and it is not seen, no problem.  But, the expectation is that if you have it out it goes in the holder.  The teacher may request the phone if it is seen out and not in the holder, repeat offenses result in the phone being left in the main office for the entire day, eventually detentions, contact with parents and not being allowed to bring the phone to school.  The policy went much better than we expected and students seemed almost relieved to be disengaged from their devices during classes.. We have had a slight increase as the year has gone on and I send out periodic reminders to teachers to stay on top of it. 

Falmouth High School, Falmouth

In Falmouth we don’t have a cell phone policy, per se. Teachers do the shoe caddy thing, while others want students to use their phones as devices to record, take pictures of notes, etc. and allow them to be out.

Fort Fairfield Middle School, Fort Fairfield

Cell Phone Confiscation Form

Student Name__________________________________

Official Policy: 1st offense: warning; 2nd offense: office detention; 3rd and additional offenses: office detention and hold phone until parent meeting with student/administration.

1.First Offense____          Date:____________         Time:___________

Individual confiscating phone:_______________________________

Date returned to student:_________ By(initials)_____


Second Offense____        Date:____________         Time:___________

Individual confiscating phone:_______________________________

Date returned to student:_________ By(initials)_____


Third Offense____ Date:____________         Time:___________

Individual confiscating phone:_______________________________

Date returned to student:_________ By(initials)_____


Freeport High School, Freeport

Click HERE to view a copy of their policy.

Howard Troy Middle School, Belfast

Our middle school policy does not allow cell phone use during school hours with the exception of lunch half hour where they still need to ask permission but may text/call parents only.

Jonesport-Beals High School, Jonesport

In 2007 the Board banned the use of cellphones and other electronic devices during the school day.

They may bring them to school, but must turn them off when they enter the building. When the leave the building in the afternoon they may turn them on.

Students getting caught using the device during the school day has the phone taken and the parent must come to school to get it back. The students gets a 1 hour detention for the 1st offense and a 2 hour detention if there is a second offense.

Lewiston High School, Lewiston

Electronic Devices:

Use of electronic devices(eg CD players, ipods, mp3 players, headphones, ear buds, radios, cell phones, and tablets)is allowed in the building only before and after school, during passing time, and in the cafeteria during lunch. Devices accessories are not allowed in the classrooms, study halls or hallways during the instructional day and should be kept in a backpack or pocket, out of sight and turned off, unless expressly approved, in advance, by school authority. Violaters will be required to leave the device with school staff or in the main office to be picked up after school. Fairly to comply is cause for suspension. Repeat offenders may face further administrative consequences. Use of digital or other technology to videotape or audio record within the school building is not allowed without prior permission from school authority. Violations will result in administrative action. 

Lincolnville Central School, Lincolnville

Students may bring phones to school, but they must be kept in student lockers during the day. Students may not make calls on their personal phones during the school day without permission from a staff member. 

Lisbon High School, Lisbon

Cell phones have been a battle!  The policy in the past was the students could use cellphones before school, at lunch, and after school.  We found a great deal of infractions and students being sent to the office.  I would enter the bathrooms and see “glowing” above the stalls and students would be in the bathrooms for 20-30 minutes, missing instruction.  This school year, we took the approach of teaching students how to use them responsibly.  Students are allowed to use them before school, check messages in between classes, at lunch and after school.  Each classroom has different systems for management of cell phones (i.e. on desk flipped over, in a shoe storage bag, etc…).  We have significantly reduced time out of class and infractions for cell phone usage (although still an issue with some).  But…for the most part, we have seen students use them more responsibly.  If students do not comply with the rules of the school or in the classroom, phones are taken for the day or the remainder of the class period.  

Lyman Moore Middle School, Portland

Out of sight during school day. If seen, I hold until dismissal. 

Madawaska Middle/Senior High School, Madawaska

 Cell phone usage is prohibited at Madawaska Middle/High School between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and the final bell at the end of the day.  The followig consequences will be implemented for cumulative violation of this rule:

1st Offense: Cell phone is confiscated and may only be picked up by a parent – student receievs a verbal warning.

2nd Offense:  Cell phone is confiscated and may only be picked up by a parent – student receives a Satruday detention.

3rd Offense: Cell phone is confiscated and may only be picked up by a parent – student receives two Saturday detentions.

4th Offense: Cell phone is confiscated and may only be picked up by a parent – student referred to the superintendent.

Please note that cell phone offenses are cumulative throughout the 7th and 8th grade (middle school), then “reset” in 9th grade and are cumulative throughout the 9th – 12th grade.  Cell phone offenses do not “reset” at the end of each high school year.

Madison High School, Madison

Cell phones are not to be used in the school building during the day except at students lockers between classes. Cell phones are to be left in lockers. If found being used and/or in possession of during the day, the cell phone will be confiscated and given to the office. No pictures are to be taken at any time of any students, teachers, or other school personnel. Failure to give the cell phone to a staff member on request will result in a 3 day out of school suspension.

1st offense: 1 hour detention, cell phone is picked up after detention is served

2nd offense: 2 hour detention

3rd offense: 3 days out of school suspension

Mattanawcook Academy, Lincoln

Click HERE to see their policy

Memorial Middle School, South Portland

We tell students they have to be turned off and in their lockers by homeroom. They are not allowed to carry them in pockets. It goes very well– very few issues. 6-8 middle school.

Messalonskee Middle / High School, Oakland

Messalonskee Student/Parent Handbook

RSU 18 Policy

RSU 18 Rules

Middle School of the Kennebunks, Kennebunk

Phones must be off from the beginning of classes until the end of the day.  The only exception is they may use them during their 20 minute lunch each day.

Morse High School, Bath

I have learned that practices work much more effectively than policies.

Attached is a picture from one of our classrooms. The practice is simple, buy one of those hanging shoe organizer and add some names to each slot, (if you teach 5 classes, each slot can have 5 names), and have the students deposit their phone in their slot as they enter the room. 

Teachers that do this at Morse do not have any problems with cellphones. Some are willing to reward their students by allowing them to check messages at the end of class (if the lesson/activity is finished). 

Another advantage to this this practice is; as soon as you enter a classroom for an observation you instantly know who is or is not using the hanging shoe organizer. I do my best to encourage them to adopt this practice.

Click HERE to view a picture of what was described.

Mt. Blue High School, Farmington

Mt Blue Middle School no cell phones are to be used from first bell (7:45) to last bell (2:03).  Very good compliance.  Students can come to the office to text/call parents guardians of needed.

Mt. Valley High School, Rumford

No cell phones allowed during class time.  Students can use cell phones between classes, during lunch and both before and after school.

Mt. View High School, Thorndike

Click HERE to see their policy

Narraguagus Jr/Sr High School, Harrington

Narraguagus Jr High School, students leave their cell phones in their lockers and are not allowed to have them until the end of the school day.  When they reach 9th grade, they are allowed to use them between classes and during lunch, but not during class time.  It is a more difficult policy at the high school level, to control.

Noble High School, North Berwick

Cell Phones and Cameras:

Although students are allowed to have a cell phone in school, ringers must be turned off and they may not be used during instructional class time, tutorials, KnightTime or in the Learning Center. Students may use a cell phone for calls or texting before school, in between classes, and/or after school.

A student’s phone may be confiscated if it is used during class, tutorials, the Learning Center, or KnightTime. Any student refusing to relinquish an electronic device upon staff request will be considered insubordinate and will be subject to disciplinary consequences assigned by the administration. Repeated misuse of a cell phone will result in the student being prohibited from having a phone in school.

The use of cameras, including camera phones, is strictly prohibited in locker rooms, restrooms, and classrooms.  In other school locations, students are required to obtain permission before photographing any individual.

Any use of cellular telephones and other electronic devices that violates any Board policy, administrative procedure or school rule is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to violations of the student code of conduct, harassment, and cheating. Students violating these rules will be subject to discipline, which may include:

a. Exclusion of the device from school for an extended period;
b. Sanctions ranging from detention to expulsion from school depending upon the nature of the offense and the student’s disciplinary record.

Richmond Middle/Senior High School, Richmond

Middle School:  Cell phones are off and in lockers

High School: free use during non-class time, in class at the teachers discretion for academic purposes.

RSU 16, Poland

Click HERE to view their policy.

 RSU 38, Mt. Vernon and Wayne

Click HERE to view their Cell Phone Policy JICJ.

Click HERE to view their Student Cell Phone Policy JICJ-R.

RSU 50 – Crystal, Dyer Brook, Hersey, Island Falls, Merrill, Moro Plantation, Mt. Chase, Oakfield, Patten, Sherman, Smyrna, and Stacyville

Rules for student use of cellular phones & other electronic devices:

1. Students are prohibited from using privately owned electronic devices, including but not limited to cellular telephones, Blackberries, i Phones, MP3 players, and electronic games during the school day including recess time.

a. During the school day, all such devices must be turned off.

b. The only exception to this rule is when a teacher specifically authorizes students

to use such a personal electronic device for a specific purpose (such as entering an assignment).

c. If this rule is violated, the teacher will immediately confiscate the device for the remainder of the school day, and discipline may be imposed as provided below.

2. Students may use electronic devices on field trips and during extracurricular activities only if authorized by the staff-member in charge.

3. The use of cameras in any type of electronic device is strictly prohibited in locker rooms, restrooms, and classrooms.

a. In other locations where students are allowed to use electronic devices, students are required to obtain permission before taking a photograph or video of any individual. Students must also obtain permission from any individual appearing in a photograph or video prior to posting on any social networking site or other Internet site such as YouTube.

4. Any use of cellular telephones and other electronic devices that violates any Board policy/procedure or school rule is strictly prohibited. In addition, accessing, viewing, posting, forwarding, downloading, or displaying any materials that are defamatory, abusive, obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, sexually suggestive, threatening, discriminatory, harassing, and/or illegal is prohibited.

5. Student cellular telephones and other electronic devices may be subject to search if there is reasonable suspicion that a student is violating Board policies/procedures and/or school rules.

a. A building Administrator may maintain possession of an electronic device as long as is reasonably necessary for evidentiary purposes.

6. Students violating these rules will be subject to discipline, which may include:

a. Not being allowed to bring electronic devices to school; 

b. Sanctions ranging from detention to expulsion from school depending upon the nature of the offense and the student’s disciplinary record.

7. Evidence of illegal activities involving electronic devices will be referred to appropriate law enforcement authorities and a building administrator may give a device to law enforcement authorities upon request.

Samuel L. Wagner Middle School, Winterport

At Wagner Middle School students are expected to turn off their cells phone and keep them in their lockers during the school day. They are allowed to us cell phones, for special purposes during the school day, only with teacher permission.

Vassalboro Community School, Vassalboro

If a student/parent is insistent on having the phone in school, then it needs to be off and in a locker or backpack. If it goes off in class, or is present in class, it then comes to the office to be held for the day and the parent is notified. 

Westbrook Middle School, Westbrook

Click HERE to view a copy of their policy. 

Windham Middle School, Windham

Our policy at Windham Middle School is “off and away throughout the day” (meaning in lockers).  No exceptions, and it’s worked out really well this year. 

Winthrop Middle School, Winthrop

At Winthrop Middle School all cell phones are to  be on silent and kept in a locker. 

If a student is found to have a cell phone on their person the consequences are:

1st time a warning and parents are called. Phone is confiscated and returned at the end of the day.

2nd time – phone confiscated, returned at the end of the day, parents notified and a detention given. 

3rd time – phone is confiscated, parents notified, detention given and phone kept until a parent picks it up. From that day on the phone must be dropped off in principal’s office for the day. 

Wisdom Middle/Senior High School, St. Agatha

Wisdom Middle/High’s policy is that cell phones are to be off and away from our first attendance bell at 8am until our dismissal at 236.  Consequences follow for each infraction, with the discipline increased with each recurring episode.

Woodland Jr-Sr High School, Baileyville

We allow cell phones during lunchtime only, and for specific educational (teacher-led) purposes. They are to be put away the rest of the time, until the end of the day. We are also beginning to require students to turn their phones in to the classroom teacher if they are asking to use the bathroom due to privacy and bullying concerns. 

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