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Capital Area Technical Center, Augusta

  1. Early graduation can happen only at the end of the student’s junior year with approval prior to registration of junior year. Students are allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony at the end of the junior year but are excluded from class rank and cum laude system.
  2. Early graduation can happen whenever a student has completed the graduation requirements with prior approval. The diploma is awarded at the end of the third year at graduation or before if applicable (without the ceremony).  No exclusion from rank/cum laude for the class with which they graduate as long as they have at least 3 semesters completed.

John Bapst Memorial High School, Bangor

We have had several students graduate after 11th grade. We do allow them to participate in graduation exercises. We’ve never had a student finish mid-year though.

George Stevens Academy, Blue Hill

At George Stevens Academy we allow students who graduate early to participate in the commencement ceremonies of the year they graduate.

Ellsworth High School, Ellsworth

If the student wants to participate in graduation we wait to give them the diploma in June. If they don’t want to participate in graduation we give them the diploma at the end of the semester and grades are complete.

Lawrence High School, Fairfield

Lawrence HS requests that a student wishing to graduate early – meaning they are done in January – that student needs to make a request by Oct. 1 of their Junior year with the Principal and get approval. They can graduate early and then come back and march with their class in June.

Hall-Dale High School, Farmingdale

The process for a student who plans to graduate early:

  1. Establish meeting with student, parents, counselor, and principal.
  2. Determine what the plans are for the student after they graduate.
  3. Student must participate in state testing for third year students.
  4. We have cum laude system; therefore, student can be included in the summa cum laude honor recognition but not be valedictorian or salutatorian.

Freeport High School, Freeport

Click HERE for their policy.

Piscataquis Community High School, Guilford

IKF Graduation Requirements – Early Awarding of Diplomas

A student who has met the State’s and the Board’s diploma requirements in fewer than four years of high school may be awarded a diploma. Carrying an accelerated class load requires prior approval from the parent/guardian, guidance counselor and principal. Students considering early graduation must apply no later than October 15th of the school year in which they will graduate early. Students must have an average of 80% and have a plan for continued education after graduation or a career plan. Students seeking an early diploma must have approval of their parent/guardian, guidance counselor and principal. Parents and students need to understand that a student graduating in their third year of high school will be considered in the grade that their credits qualify them for (Promotion Retention Policy IKE). These students may participate with all activities related to graduation.

Hamden Academy, Hamden

We have had a few students graduate early and as long as we know early enough they participate in all senior activities once it is determined by our counselors they can graduate early and have a discussion with me about plans and next steps.

As soon as they are identified and confirmed they become seniors and also participate in all senior activities, including graduation, like any other member of the class. 

We do have a deadline of April their sophomore year, but it is more of a guideline and less of a hard line, to let us know their intentions. We’ve had students graduate early and participate in all senior activities while others have opted to do none of them.

RSU 21, Kennebunk

Early Leaving: Students who have completed all graduation requirements by the end of a semester, may leave school at the end of the semester. Students taking this option will not be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics beginning on the first day of the next semester. (See procedure below.*) 

Early Graduation: Students who have completed all graduation requirements are entitled to a diploma and may graduate at the end of the school year. (See procedure below.*) * Students seeking Early Leaving or Early Graduation must do the following: 

Procedure 1. Meet with their Guidance Counselor 

  1. Fill out the appropriate forms with the Guidance Counselor 
  2. Set up a conference with the Principal, Guidance Counselor, and parents. 

NOTE: Parental approval is necessary for either program. 

Traip Academy, Kittery

A student can graduate early if they meet all of the standards. One student was able to do that last year (3 years of HS). He did not participate in graduation, but certainly could have. 

Carrabec High School, North Anson

If a student asks to graduate early and it is approved (they are always approved) the half year we change their status to senior. Then they are involved in all senior activities going forward including graduation. 

Poland Regional High School, Poland

Early graduates at PRHS are offered the opportunity to participate in the senior events (senior trip, walking at the ceremony, Project Graduation). As far as an academic plan goes, we do it in an individual basis. Some just want to be done in January and move on. Some finish with us in January but do early college classes (using the tuition waivers through us), or part time with internships/college classes and come back for all the senior events. We talk that through as options and put it in the plan that we write up. 

Oceanside High School, Rockland

Students have to request this the year prior to them wishing to graduate.  They can participate in graduation and other senior events, but may not qualify for such honors such as honor graduate.

South Portland High School, South Portland

We have had students graduate early.  If they have earned the required credits they can graduate a full year early and participate  in graduation.  If they finish a semester early they are given their diploma and invited to come back and march with the students at graduation.  

Mount View High School, Thorndike

At Mount View they can participate in graduation activities and receive their diploma at that time. or they can choose to receive it at mid-year and be done.

Leavitt Area High School, Turner

We occasionally have third year students graduate early.  This year we have a student who is officially in the class of 2021 but has earned all of their credits and will graduate in June and participate in all of the end of year activities with the class of 2020.

Massabesic High School, Waterboro

They have to fill out an application by June 1st of the year prior to the desired graduation year. They have to meet our graduation requirements along with having the endorsement of their parents, guidance counselor, and principal.

Waterville High School, Waterville

When students earn their credits and would like to graduate, we would graduate them.  We date the transcript on the date of completion.  We also offer them an opportunity to have their diploma presented at the next school board meeting.  This is often done if a student is recovering credit through a self-paced program like Odysseyware.  If they want to march with their class.  They get their diploma and such during that ceremony and their transcript shows a graduation date the same as others participating in graduation exercises.  We have not yet had students graduate (transcript and diploma awarded) at the semester mark and still participate in the end of year activities.  But, that is more that no one has asked.  Most of our students that do not graduate on time, recover their credit during the summer or early fall.

Winthrop High School, Winthrop

According to School Committee Policy, if a student has met the local and State requirements for earning a high school diploma, they can graduate early and participate in the graduation ceremony the year they have earned the necessary credits.

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