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December 2018

Miles Lane School, Bucksport

We are just getting ready to start using Marilyn Burns’ Do the Math! Intervention program in our district. It seemed to most closely align with our tier one program, Math in Focus. 

Central Community School, Corinth

We primarily use Math Recovery. 

Dunn School, Gray

We use Number Worlds and DreamBox Math as Tier 2 interventions and Touch Math as a Tier 1/Tier 2.

Etna-Dixmont School, Etna

We use the online program – MobyMax

Hancock Grammar School, Hancock

We use the book “I do, we do, you do” as one intervention. Students will also use Moby Max, a math software program. We will be starting IXL next year. The middle level students will use Kahn Academy.

Lubec Elementary School, Lubec

We use IXL, individual instruction, and small group instruction

Pembroke Elementary School, Pembroke

ALEKS math is an excellent online math resource. We use it for all of our 7 &8 th as well as GT but I think it could be quite useful for struggling students as well.

Steep Falls Elementary, Limington

We use Do the Math.

Village Elementary School, York

We use Number Worlds.

Walton School, Auburn

We are just beginning to use Number Worlds…. it’s aligned to Everday Math.

Weatherbee Elementary School, Hampden

We use enVision and there are embedded interventions and a toolkit to use for RTI.

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