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Bonny Eagle School District, Standish

We use iobservation (non-classroom) at BEHS, but we have a special crosswalk that we developed that are aligned to their own set of standards.  We do this for counselors and social workers. Click HERE for a copy of the crosswalk rubric.

Lake Region Schools, Naples

Click HERE to view the document they use.

MSAD 15, Gray-New Gloucester

MSAD 15 uses the Danielson Framework for evaluating social workers, specifically the framework for Therapeutic Specialists.

Portland School Department, Portland

We use – It is the Danielson model.

RSU 10, Rumford

RSU 10 uses a model within iObservation.

SAD 13, Bingham

We are using the Non Teacher Classroom model offered with iObservation. It is not a perfect fit, especially since we can’t observe them when they are conducting a session with a student. However, it does allow them to do a self-assessment and select goals that mirror what teachers are doing. This works for our district goals around addressing chronic absenteeism. We are really using this for the first time this year. It is a little difficult in a small district like ours because they are the only one in the district with content expertise.

Scarborough School Department, Scarborough

At Scarborough, we are using, through iObservation the Danielson non-instructional domains for this type of staff members.

SAD 44, Bethel

Click HERE to see a copy of their evaluation form.

Wells Elementary School, Wells

We do use i-observation for our social worker, but our BCBA is contracted so is not evaluated this way.    We use the Danielson Framework for School Counselors as our observation tool.  

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