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Captain Albert Stevens School, Belfast

We do use Everyday Math, but not as formally or uniformly as we could. I would be glad for the opportunity to work with someone who is exploring EveryDay Math, as it would be a good exercise for us to evaluate how we use it.

Falmouth Elementary School, Falmouth

Falmouth Elementary School uses Everyday Math.

Glenburn Elementary School, Glenburn

Glenburn uses it K-3

Lubec Elementary School, Lubec

Lubec uses Everyday Math and has since back in the 90s

Mabel L. Wilson Elementary, Cumberland Center

I’d be happy to talk to someone as my school uses EDM. 

MSAD 52, Leeds, Turner, and Greene

We have used Everyday Math with fidelity for many years in grades K – 6.

Pembrooke Elementary School, Pembrook

Pembroke Elementary uses Everyday math K-6. We love it!

RSU 14, Windham-Raymond

RSU 14 (Windham-Raymond)has been using Everyday Math for at least 10 years. Some of our classrooms started using the newer version of EM two years ago but did not find that significantly better than the previous version. Our district has seen math scores on the MEA decline over the last 3 years and we are moving completely away from EM next year for K-8 in the entire district! A math instructional audit we had done last year and subsequent creation of a committee of math teachers has led to our adoption of Ready Math as our new program. We are also incorporating “Number Talks” and other instructional practices that will lead to increased application of math skills and deeper understanding of concepts that we have found EM does not provide.

RSU 18, Oakland

We use EDM in all of the elementary schools.

RSU 40, Waldoboro

We use EDM4 in RSU 40. It is being used in various ways as the district is starting the process of building UbD units for math this year.  Some schools stick closely to the program while others are using it as a resource. 

RSU 73, Jay

We use EveryDay Math at our Primary and Elementary Schools.

Sanford School District, Sanford

All the elementary schools in Sanford use Every Day Math.

York School District, York

York and they’ve been using EDM for over 15 years in the elementary schools. 

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