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Flex Grouping in ELA and Math in Maine Middle Level Schools

Messalonskee Middle School, Oakland

We provide flexible grouping in all of our classes at Messalonskee Middle School.  Teachers move students from period to period and group to group based on what they need from unit to unit.  Different teachers utilize this at different levels but it is available to all teachers and most use is throughout the year. 

Mt. Ararat Middle School, Topsham

Mt. Ararat Middle School does flexible grouping in 6th grade math (only), although we are currently considering whether or not to continue doing this next year.

Richmond Middle/High School, Richmond

We have flexible grouping to some extent in math and a lesser extent in ELA.  

We have three periods of math, each with three teachers.  We initially group by NWEA score and learning target completion.  Throughout the year we regroup students between the three teachers in a given period.  Less frequently we move students to different periods if the grouping change is more necessary.  

ELA groupings are first determined by where math doesn’t fall in the three morning periods.  And students are then regrouped between three ELA teachers in a given period, or if necessary (but less frequently) between the two remaining ELA periods.

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