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Camden Hills Regional High School

Just want to let you know that we found 21 cases of nitrile gloves in our district that Pen Bay was ecstatic to get.  I really think schools in the state have supplies that they could donate to hospitals.  

Easton Schools:

We donated toilet paper to a local daycare, along with delivering meals to ALL children in our community.  We are also donating any masks and gloves that we can spare to the hospital. 

RSU 3:

The staff at RSU 3 packed, loaded on vans and buses then delivered over a thousand lunches to children around our district. Today bus drivers, teachers, administrators , kitchen staff and community volunteers did the same but the total meals delivered was over three thousand. We are going to continue doing this as long as we can saystina Fabian our nutrition supervisor.

RSU 27:

Our school district is feeding EVERY single child in our district including any siblings 18 or under (regardless if they attend school) by home delivery via school buses and vans.  This has been made possible through an early release of our usual Summer Food Program.  Our staff members are AMAZING!  Feeding nearly 2,200 children Monday through Friday with a lunch and the next morning’s breakfast.

SAD 20:

We have prepared 20 bags of food items for families in our community who are facing economic challenges due to a loss of income related to the virus closings.  These will be replaced as needed as long as our supplies last. 

SAD 55:

Opened up our schools from 3:00pm-8:00pm on St. Pat’s Day in order to facilitate locker clean out-laptop pickup-hard copies of academic work, books etc.We have a “care closet”in our building and we moved a large supply of shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream,etc. into our lobby and encouraged families to take what they need. Our teachers are encouraged to work from home, but can access the building if they choose. We have focused on a variety of technological approaches (Zoom,Google Classroom,etc.) to deliver instruction to students. Our staff has done a great job of embracing the situation and working together in the best interest of kids! Our technology staff has researched and shared best practice.

In addition, our busses are delivering food three times per week to every student in the district. Ed Techs accompany the drivers and also drop off hard copies of work and books at the same time. “End 68 hours of hunger” has jumped in to supplement what the school system is doing by sending home additional bags of food to needy families.We are officially on “Plan B”and understand that the situation changes daily!

SAD 30

I have several friends that are shopping for their elderly parents and delivering to the door.  

Southern Aroostook Community School

So. Aroostook is a food pantry site for Good Shepherd Food Bank and gives out fresh fruit and vegetables, canned goods, boxed pasta and cereal, etc once a month.  Yesterday we got a larger shipment from them due to the expected need.  RSU 50 staff put together individual boxes of food for “curbside” service for families in need.  We serviced 206 families,  949 people total, yesterday.  This was by far the largest group we have serviced in the four years as a Good Shepherd Food Pantry site.  We had vehicles waiting on Route 2 waiting to get food.  RSU 50 employees gave of their own time to make this happen.          

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