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Cony High School, Augusta

  1.  Students pay for their own cap and gowns.  The class buys one for those who can’t afford it.
  2. Project Grad is fully funded and implemented by parents.  Admin comes for the beginning to set the tone.


Bangor High School

  1.  Paid by parents/students? (but the school does cover the cost for individuals as needed)
  2. Yes, fully implemented by parents (but the event takes place at the school with Project Grad “renting” the building)


Penobscot Christian School, Bangor

  1.  We have our parents buy the cap and gown
  2. We have a senior trip that the class fundraises for all year themselves.


Blue Hill Harbor School

  1.  Cap and gown paid for by school
  2. Project graduation or similar only happens rarely, as event organized by students and their families, independent of school


Brewer High School

  1.  Paid by the class funds, this is part of the $25/year class dues goes toward.
  2. No The school will do some limited publicity for fundraising efforts, but Project Grad at Brewer High is an ‘outside’ organization.


Cape Elizabeth High School

  1.  Cape caps and gowns are purchased by parents/students.
  2. Project graduation is funded through parent fundraising and work with administrators to coordinate appropriate activities.


Dexter Regional High School 

  1. Dexter Regional High School pays for caps and gowns with Class funds
  2. Project/Operation Graduation comes directly from the parents and community.


East Grand School 

  1. Class fundraisers pay for cap and gowns
  2. When we have Project Graduation, it is fully implemented by the parents


Easton High School 

  1. Our cap and gowns are usually paid for by class funds.  If the class doesn’t have enough funds it is paid for by the individual student/family.
  2. We do a project grad trip usually the night of graduation and return on Saturday or Sunday, 1-2 nights depending on event.  Project grad is fully done by the parents.


Shead High School, Eastport 

  1. Paid for by the parents/students and private funds if they cannot afford the cost.
  2. No big project graduation. Pizza party and bonfire sponsored by the local youth association after the Graduation Ball.


Fort Fairfield Middle / High School 

  1. Students pay $50 class dues and then fundraise as a class. These funds cover all the expenses of prom, cap and gown, etc.
  2. We do a Senior Send Off Assembly with MELMAC and GearUp funds. This is a school and parent event. Graduation is a community event. Project Grad is done by a parent group and not associated with the school.


 Freeport High School 

  1. Paid by parents/students ($24, they keep it or donate it, scholarships available as needed)
  2. Yes, fully implemented by parents (school helps with fundraising but totally planned, organized, supervised by parents)


 Gorham High School 

  1. Students pay for caps and gowns.
  2. A parent group fundraises for and organizations project graduation. At least one building admin is required to attend project graduation.


 Gray-New Gloucester High School 

  1. Caps and Gowns- paid by the school
  2. Project Grad- Yes. Fundraised by a project grad committee and supervised by parents and committee members.


Piscataquis Community Secondary School, Guilford 

  1. Combination of school and student collected funds. 40.00 per student
  2. Not sponsored or funded by the school but supported in ways that keep it from being under the school’s umbrella i.e. staff volunteers, place for parents to meet, fundraisers at our events.


Hermon High School 

  1. Paid by the senior class activity funds (students own their cap and gown)
  2. Yes, fully planned, fundraised, implemented, and run by parents (school does not charge a rental fee for this event)


 Narraguagus Jr./Sr. High School, Harrington 

  1. Students/parents purchase their own caps and gowns. If there is an issue, we take care of it with class or other funds behind the scenes.
  2. We no longer do a true project graduation, on the night of graduation. Our trip happens a couple of weeks before the end of school. We ran into trouble with behaviors etc. and students having already graduated. We still do drug and alcohol free of course, but earlier.


 Sacopee Valley High School, Hiram 

  1. Paid by the School
  2. Yes, fully implemented by parents – This was a change effective 23-24 year. Previously we had a Project Grad coordinator position who worked with senior parents on fundraising and event planning. Now it is all parent volunteers, however the school district still approves fundraisers and events. If the district is not able to approve a fundraiser, the group may hold it but must add “Not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with MSAD 55” to all of their advertising. An example of this would be an adults-only dance or New Year’s Eve party at a local hall where alcohol will be served.


 Kennebunk High School 

  1. Family pays $30
  2. Yes, partnership with school and parents


 St. Dominic Academy, Auburn 

  1. Seniors have a graduation fee to help offset these expenses.
  2. We have a parent run project graduation committee that raises 100% of the funds.  The parents also plan and supervise the event.  The funds do go through our business office, in terms of income and paying expenses.  The parent group is allowed to use school facilities during fundraising events as needed and our staff provides support where we can for things such as promoting fundraising events, etc.


Lisbon High School 

  1. Students/parents pay for this
  1. The class fundraises for the 4 years and uses this money to pay for project graduation.  Parents and students are a part of the fundraising efforts


 Washington Academy, East Machias 

  1. Paid by parents/students
  2. Fully implemented by the school, but students fundraise


Madawaska Middle/High School 

  1. If the class has the money, they pay for the caps and gowns from class funds.  If not, then it is $40 to the kids.  That purchases the caps, gowns, and graduation stoles.
  2. Parents for EVERYTHING !  We may offer bussing for something local, but that is the extent of the school’s involvement.  Best move I ever made was putting that in the hands of the parents !!


Central Aroostook Jr./Sr. High School, Mars Hill 

  1. Students have dues that they must pay or there are opportunities to “work off” the dues through fundraisers etc…The dues are used for cap and gown, and senior activities during senior week.  The dues are dependent on what they choose to do as far as activities and project grad.*Classes are required to do at least 1 fundraiser per year 7-11th grade, so that they have a fair amount of money by their senior year and don’t have to do as much fundraising during their busy senior year!
  2. Project grad is parent led and the school is the fiscal agent and helps with some fundraising and sends out donation letters to businesses.


Lake Region High School, Naples 

  1. Paid by parents
  2. Yes, fully implemented by parents


 Nokomis Regional High School, Newport 

  1. Paid by combination of class fundraisers and class dues paid by students
  2. The school organizes and supervises. It’s paid by project graduation fundraisers and donations from the community which are almost exclusively run by the school.


 Carrabec High School, North Anson 

  1. Cap and gown school pays
  2. No project graduation closet to it are Senior Barbecue paid for by principal out of pocket and second activity is senior class trip which occurs 2weeks before graduation paid for with monies from student fund raising


 North Haven Community School 

  1. Paid by the school
  2. Yes, fully implemented by the school


 Old Town High School 

  1. Caps & Gowns – paid for by students, as part of “class dues” – also pays for flowers, chair rentals.
  2. Project Graduation – Funds are raised by a group of parents/senior students.  As a school, we help advertise fund-raising events, but we do not host or take responsibility for the event.  It occurs immediately after graduation on Friday night – at U-Maine.


 Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School, Oxford 

  1. Caps and gowns are paid for by families. If they are unable to afford it, we have a fund that pays for it.
  2. Project graduation is paid for through fundraising efforts. It is staffed and organized through volunteers.


 Poland Regional High School 

  1. Caps and gowns are paid for by the students as part of their annual class dues.
  2. Project Graduation is mostly run by a volunteer parent committee, but school administration is present on the night of the event.


 Portland High School 

  1. Students/families pay for them.  We help if students cannot afford them.
  2. Yes, partnership with school and parents – definitely a partnership – 75% parents 25% school.  They fund raise throughout the year.

Leavitt Area High School, Turner 

  1. The district budgets for graduation expenses, caps, gowns, venue, etc.
  2. Project graduation is not a school sponsored activity, it’s completely run and fund raised by parents.


Medomak Valley High School, Waldoboro

  1. Parents and students pay for them.  However, we tell students to speak to us of hardship.  Typically our educational association or private donations from staff pay for 8-10 privately each year.
  2. Yes, fully implemented by parents.   Project graduation is SEPARATE from our school. It is NOT a school sponsored event.   The cross overs are limited:  we give them time periodically to speak to the students in a senior assembly, they apply to use our buses to go to one of the local YMCAs (Boothbay or Camden) and some of our staff who seniors pick are invited to chaperone, with a substitute the next day which the district funds.

 Washburn High School 

  1. Caps and Gowns are paid for by class funds
  2. Project Grad is fully implemented by parents


 Waterville Senior High School 

  1. Paid for by the class funds
  2. Yes, fully implemented by parents


 Westbrook High School 

  1. Paid by parents/students
  2. Yes, fully implemented by parents, but the school has oversight.


 Westbrook Regional Vocational Center 

  1. Our Awards Night is two days before the Memorial Day week-end. We have two student speakers who have volunteered to talk about their time at WRVC.  No caps or gowns.  We do recognize an outstanding student from each program who receives a gift totaling $250.  We also announce other scholarships and toolships at the Ceremony.
  2. Each student receives a cord from us. Students are allowed to wear it at their home school graduation.  The cord is green, gold, and white
  3.  The following day we have a BBQ out back of the Center with several games for them to use.
  4.  Staff line the driveway and wave goodbye when the students leave.


 Winthrop High School 

  1. The class pays for caps and gowns (through fundraising efforts)
  2. As for project grad, it is totally organized and run by parents.


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