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Cape Elizabeth High School, Cape Elizabeth

Cape Elizabeth High School does have a daily, 30-minute Achievement Period 1t 10:40 every day. Students in their advisory groups (the period is advisory on Friday), and teachers can electronically claim students to come for extra help.

Ellsworth High School, Ellsworth

Ellsworth High School uses edYOUsched. We have a block in our schedule every day, we call it Focused Learning.

Falmouth High School, Falmouth

At Falmouth, we have Academic Focus Time two mornings a week for 50 minutes.  All teachers are expected to be available to students for extra help.  Students who have open campus privileges are only required to be here when a teacher requests them.

Leavitt Area High School, Turner

We organized our intervention block around our advisor period.  We had 20 minutes everyday for advisor time.  On Wednesday’s and Thursday’s we have shorted each class period by 5 minutes and extended the advisor time to 40 minutes.  This gives us 40 minutes twice a week for intervention time.

Medomak Valley High School, Waldoboro

Medomak Valley High School in Waldoboro, Maine has a “Recover and Excel Period” (REP) every day for 40 minutes; we are in our fifth year.  We use edYOUsched software to tag students to the intervention with priority schedules for content areas.  Students can request “tags” as well.   Currently the intervention period allows time for reviewing content material, completion of missing work, test retakes, and reteaching.  We just moved to the PSAT suite for grade 9 in addition to grades 10 and 11, and have training scheduled for how to better use the data to identify and work on individual needs.  We plan to then balance this work with what is already being done in REP.   In the last four years our students have been tagged out of three large study halls:  freshmen, sophomores, and juniors/seniors together.   We are seriously considering moving to tagging students out of their advisory period for the coming year due to growing concerns for meaningful work in the large study halls.  It is safe to say that our intervention period is one of the best initiatives we have undertaken in recent years and most teachers and students would not want to “do” high school without it.  Finally our administrative team just finished a book study with Mattos and Buffum’s It’s About Time:  Planning Interventions and Extensions in Secondary School which offers numerous  examples of intervention periods at the secondary level. Our book study affirmed our own experience!

Mountain Valley High School, Rumford

We have had an intervention block in the past. Our challenge which has limited it’s success is with organizing where kids should be and prioritizing which subject students should focus on for support.  We have held the block in the middle and at the end of the day and used a Google Doc to identify kids.

Noble High School, North Berwick

At Noble High School we use Enriching Students for our scheduling program.  It is a very easy to use program, but the one downfall is that it does not talk to our attendance platform, IC, so teachers have record attendance in Enriching students for our intervention block and IC for every other class, which can sometimes lead to a management challenges.

Nute Middle/High School, Corinth

Ours is a Guided Study (GS) every Thursday.  The high school teachers complete a sheet if they want specific students to come to work with them during that time.  The middle school teachers communicate with each other during their common planning time on who they need to see.  Click HERE to see their bell schedule.

Old Town High School, Old Town

We have a 40-minute block in the middle of the school day (just after lunch) – called “Academic Focus.”

Students are assigned to one teacher as a “homeroom” of sorts, but can access any teacher in the building via an electronic “tagging” system.  The teacher can tag the student or the student can asked to be tagged by the teacher – for academic support.  Students who use this wisely can minimize homework, especially students who are busy with after school activities  such as sports, jobs, clubs – etc.

Portland High School, Portland

We have bulldog block everyday but Wednesday. Students are signed up to see teachers as needed. We use a program called Winnme to sign them up. This allows students to get extra help or make up work they have missed. 

Sanford High School, Sanford

In Sanford we have Spartan Time that takes place after block 2.  Our students go to their homeroom teacher on Monday and that teacher works with the students to decide where they want to go for the rest of the week.  We are using Infinite Campus’ Responsive Scheduler to do this which makes tracking attendance much easier than the previous program we used.  There is a little bit of background work for the person in charge, but our teachers seem pretty happy with it. 

Scarborough High School, Scarborough

At SHS, we have a 35 minute block scheduled every day right after our first block.  It runs from 9:20 – 9:55 on a regular day.

Monday through Thursday it is called AEAST (Academic Enrichment and Support Time).

Friday is Advisory.  (Students stay with their advisers and usually do a fun activity together.)

This gives each of our students another caring adult to support them throughout high school.  Wherever possible, they stay with the same adviser throughout HS.

AEAST days, teachers can tag students and students can ask to be tagged to work with one of their teachers during this time.  They may need to do make up work, get extra help, make up a quiz, etc.  If they don’t need to see a teacher, they stay with their adviser and work on their own.  Our advisers have small groups of students (max of 13) grouped by grades in their small group.  Grouping by grade helps if we have a short assembly we can call one class down with their advisers to the meeting/assembly.  Using this time for that purpose as well helps us minimize traditional class time missed.

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