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Freeport High School, Freeport

Hope you are well.  We have switched back to 0-100 grading with implementation of proficiency-based practices (Habits of work is completely separated, reassessment policy, department-wide scoring criteria, etc.).  I’d be happy to be listed as a resource for colleagues who would like details on what we describe as a “hybrid” system.

Hampden Academy, Hampden

Students are earning credits based on achieving a 70 or above in a course. 

We are still scoring standards and reporting them out at the Learning Target level, so we can effectively communicate strengths and weaknesses. We are not tracking these over 4 years and using them for graduation purposes though. It is simply about knowing where a student is and what they have demonstrated for learning. But the 70-100 is the key for earning credit.

Please click HERE for a copy of their report card.

Mountain Valley High School, Rumford

We have used a 0-4 system since 2003 and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Orono high School, Orono

Orono HS has adopted a credit-based graduation requirement.

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