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Walton Elementary School, Auburn

We do not at our school BUT recognize achievements all through the year with our Way To Go cards!… This could be for achieving a learning target or perhaps making the most growth in a class…… all at the teacher’s discretion.

Captain Albert W. Stevens Elementary School, Belfast

We do not have an honor roll with the philosophy that at this age “rating” students in such a way can be damaging to those who don’t get recognized.


Etna-Dixmont School, Etna

EDS does not have an Honor Roll.

Dr. Levesque Elementary School, Frenchville

At Dr. Levesque Elementary (MSAD33) we do not have an honor roll for 4-6. We are proficiency based so standards are scored rather than assign number/letter grades.

Each grade does have data meetings/celebrations to celebrate class growth when STAR testing is done.

Mt. Jefferson Junior High School, Lee

MSAD 30 decided to celebrate individual gain per student.  In other words learners are not ranked, but celebrated for their accomplishment as per learning goal on a continuing basis.

Lubec Elementary School, Lubec

Lubec has an “A” and an “A/B” honor roll.  Students receive a medal (gold for A and silver for A/B) and certificate.  We also have an attendance roll.  It must be perfect attendance with no absences or tardies.  The students received a medal and certificate.  We also have a behavior roll.  This is based on the “character qualities” on the report card.  A student must receive all 4s.  Those students receive a pin and certificate.  We also recognize students who have made the above rolls two times and three times during the school year.  We do trimesters rather than quarters.  Parents are sent a letter.  The local newspaper is given a copy of the rolls and a pictures is put in the paper.

North Berwick Elementary School, North Berwick

North Berwick Elementary School (K-5) does not recognize honor roll.  We DO recognize excellent attendance periodically and students who are embodying our core values monthly (sometimes this can be through academic achievement and sometimes not).

Poland Community School, Poland

We recognize students in 6th grade with the President’s Education Award Program at our end of the year promotion. Otherwise we do not have individual academic recognitions for grades 4-6.

Ocean Ave School, Portland

No honor roll for us at Ocean Ave School.  We celebrate academic success through students reaching their own learning goals.

Strong  Elementary School, Strong

We don’t use an honor roll system. However, we use our online platforms (NWEA, IXL, Dreambox, Open Up Resources) for growth throughout the year for our monthly recognitions.

St. George School, Tenants Harbor

We have honor roll for grades 6-8.  It is based solely on our habits and not academic grades.

Mt. View Elementary School, Thorndike

We do not have an honor roll at our K-5 school.

Miller School, Waldoboro

We do not have an honor roll. We recognize growth from fall to spring.


Prescott Memorial School, Washington

We don’t have an honor roll for our 4-6 students but we have an awards assembly each trimester where we recognize several categories including reading, math, writing, citizenship, most improved, and a scholar award. The students are selected by their teachers and given certificates.

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