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Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee shall be composed of eight members, representing each of the geographic regions identified in Section 1.  The two most recent active Past Presidents will serve as ex officio members.  The committee may recommend to the Board of Directors that new legislation be initiated.  The committee shall review all pending legislation which may influence member schools, professional members, or the MPA.  When appropriate, the committee shall present oral and/or written testimony to the Legislature.  The committee shall also be responsible for developing and presenting resolutions that reflect statements of position on educational issues in prekindergarten through grade twelve.  The committee will periodically review existing resolutions.  Revisions to existing resolutions as well as new resolutions will be forwarded to the Board of Directors.  The Board will either return the Resolution to the committee or will forward it to the professional membership for a vote by means established by the Board.

2023 1 Eben Shaw Admin Leavitt Area High School
2023 2 Shawna Kurr Admin Boothbay Region Elem. School
2023 1 Gert Nesin Admin Leonard Middle School
2023 1 Josh Tripp Admin Bucksport High School
2024 2 Kim Silsby Admin Cony Middle/High School
2024 2 Kerri Wyman Admin Central Community Elem. School
2024 2 Nicholas Gannon Admin Capital Area Technical Center
2024 1 Admin
Ex officio Lori Smail Admin President
Ex officio Mary Nadeau Admin President-elect

Staff Person:  Holly Blair

* Denotes Chair

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