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Maine’s Positive  Story of the Day ~ Atwood Primary and Williams Elementary, Oakland  ~

On October 31, the students of Atwood Primary and Williams Elementary joined together to bring a beloved tradition of parading through town back and they did it bigger and better than ever and all for an amazing cause! The two schools partnered with World of Change, a non profit organization out of Portland, Maine, whose mission is “Empowering, inspiring, and strengthening communities by helping every individual discover, understand, and act on their capacity to dream of and create meaningful change.” 

 World of Change visited both schoolhouses two weeks ago to kick off their change drive which culminated on Halloween morning with  a joyous parade chanting “World of Change!” as they marched, did a schoolwide dance to Unstoppable by Sia, and deposited jars upon jars of change into the World of Change truck. 

They are so thankful to all of the families who came to join them, the families who supported this by collecting spare change to send with their children, and families and community members who lined the streets to cheer us on! World of Change counted all of the change they deposited into the truck and found that they raised a grand total of $2,880.  Those funds will be dedicated to the Atwood and Williams Emergency Funds and another portion of the funds will be sent to support the incredible First Responders who demonstrated incredible bravery and dedication to their positions and to the Lewiston/Auburn community this past week. 

Together, the children learned that they are never too small to make a difference and they absolutely can make this world a better place.


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