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Maine’s Positive Story of the Day ~ Caribou High School and Caribou Technology Center ~

Caribou High School and the Caribou Tech Center collaborate to bring a student’s vision for their art to fruition.

Caribou High School Junior, Joslyn Griffeth is enrolled in Mrs. Goodwin’s Sculpture Class. When given the challenge to create a sculpture using cardboard, Joslyn pushed her talents to the extreme and made this life-size recreation of a Zebra Shark. This piece was created with a cardboard armature (structure of the piece) and then covered in paper mache. Joslyn wanted to paint the piece in a way to made it look smooth and did not have any brush strokes, so she approached Mr. Stacey Turner the Auto Collision Repair Instructor at the Caribou Tech Center about the possibility of air brushing the piece. Mr. Turner graciously offered his expertise and classroom to allow Joslyn the opportunity to complete this project while learning a new skill.

 The finished product was an impressive piece of art! Nice work Joslyn! Amazing job collaborating Mrs. Goodwin and Mr. Turner!


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