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Maine’s Positive Story of the Day ~ Fayette Central School ~

The Western Maine Education Collaborative provided area districts a professional development opportunity with Joe Beckman, author of Just Look Up: Five Life-Saving Phrases Every Human Needs To Hear in October 2022. Going a step forward, the WMEC provided copies of the book to each district. We received two at Fayette and I read a copy in one day over vacation. This is a book that in fact everyone needs to read and I hope you have the chance to read it as it addresses feelings of inadequacy and gives you tools to keep going! Our librarian is reading the book to our fourth and fifth graders. Two staff members are reading the book right now. We have others ready to read it when a copy becomes available as well as others are just buying it to read!!! Make the change for your staff, students, and community members: read the book and make the postive impact! 


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