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Maine’s Positive Story of the Day from Mt. Jefferson Junior High School in Lee ~
Callie Peters, 5th grade teacher at Mt. Jefferson Jr. High School does an outstanding job supporting student learning and celebrating learner growth in all areas of education and in life and knows where Superheroes are found!
Before ever entering the classroom doors, in the summer, the students are given an assignment—be ready to share what YOUR superpower is (because we all have them—being kind, talented at something special, etc.).
Every week, students have the opportunity to earn the title “Weekly Superhero”. With particular classroom and school criteria, aligned with making good choices such as being kind, working hard, and being responsible, along with academic achievements, they obtain this proud status. Every Monday, the class celebrates the Superheroes! They get to choose between incentives such as use of the teacher’s chair, extra recess time for the class, a whole group game, and more; or they may choose a prize out of the prize box.
We have seen this system change our first year middle school classrooms over the years. There is no limit to how many superheroes we can have per week. It is pretty contagious, and the other teachers are all very supportive of positively helping them along in the effort.
Superheroes aren’t always in red capes, and one thing is for sure—they can change the world. 😊”
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