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Maine’s Positive Story of the Day from Wiscasset Elementary School ~

In the summer of 21’ a woman named Kathleen Pastore, zoomed in from Massachusetts, for an interview.  She commented how she had a summer home not far from the school and had driven through Wiscasset for the past 10 years and loved our beautiful coastal town.  During the interview, the committee fell in love with her just as she had fallen in love with our town.


It has been six months since she has served as our Principal and we could not be more thankful to have her not only as our leader, but also as a colleague. She was asked early on, “Where do you start when beginning your work at a new school”?  She responded “Build the culture and climate of the school”.  Kathleen has done just that, she greets every student by name every morning.  Kathleen checks in with every teacher, interventionist, custodian, kitchen staff, etc. on a regular basis just to see how they are doing.  


In the midst of getting acclimated to a new school, town and state, she is able to balance staff and student wellness while introducing a new phonemic awareness program and with a smile on her face.  She is tiny and soft spoken, but don’t underestimate her experience and her passion.  She is a breath of fresh air and determined to give 100% everyday to all who have the chance to come into contact with her.  

Kathleen, you are our positive story for Wiscasset Elementary School.  You have brought laughter and hope into our school.  You have reminded your staff why we got into education and have earned the respect of the students, staff, families and the community you serve.  


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