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Maine’s Positive Story of the Day –

Although the story itself is not positive it has a positive twist.  

 Paige is a cheerleader at Erskine Academy.  She has been on my Varsity cheer team since her freshman year and is now a senior.  Paige was born with down syndrome, but that does not stop her in any way from participating in my program.  For the last three years, Paige has taken the mat at each competition with my girls and has been admired by everyone that encounters her.  If you know Paige, your life has been changed forever and you are a better person for knowing her.

 Paige recently was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Paige’s Leukemia is the same kind that she had recovered from as a child and the doctors have never seen a child relapse after 12 years.  As of today, Paige has been placed in a pressurized room where she must remain for the next 30 days!  Her condition is rare and her treatment is aggressive.  Her Down Syndrome makes this treatment even more difficult.  

Here is the positive twist:

 Once we posted online that we were doing fundraisers and selling shirts for the family here at Erskine Academy, the outpouring of love and support we received from other cheerleaders, families, and other athletic teams within the MPA brought me to tears.

 Here is a list to date:

 *The Morse Cheerleaders have made donations, bought shirts, and are doing a fundraiser.

*The Gardiner Cheerleaders are putting together a goody basket to be delivered to Paige and her family, filled with all the things she loves

*The Happy Kitchen, a business owned by a cheer family has an event at the Civic Center and will be donating a portion of their sales to Paige’s family

*Paige’s nurses have reached out to buy shirts

*Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital is buying some shirts

*Vassalboro School is putting together a bulk order for shirts, Paige’s Elementary School

*We have received several business donations from local businesses

*Many people have sent in more than twice the cost of the shirts 

*Our entire girls’ and boys’ basketball teams are buying shirts to wear as warm-ups throughout the season

*Our cheerleaders have made Paige Power bows and will dedicate our routine to a Power theme

*Students and staff have made cards and posters and delivered them to Paige

*Today we had our first dress-down day and raised approx. $2000.00!

 My heart is bursting to see the love and support that not only our community has given to Paige and her family but that teams who normally are considered our “competition” are proving to be one big cheer family. 

 Erskine is so grateful for the support for Paige’s family already shown, and I am sure it will continue as Paige fights her battle with Leukemia. 

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