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Maine’s Positive Story of the Day from Pine Street School in Presque Isle ~ from Emily Day (1st-grade teacher)
“I used a visual incentive to work towards a glow party to address students struggling to work quietly during work time. The visual incentive consisted of a snowman made of paper pieces and attached to a bulletin board. Students worked together as a class to earn all the pieces to make a complete snowman (10 pieces). They could earn one piece a day by exhibiting appropriate behavior and remaining quiet during work time. Once all the pieces were earned, we had a glow party to celebrate their success.
This was an opportunity for me as a teacher to create review activities for the students to work on, much like the activities we do every day but with the fresh look of a black light to bring out the bright colors. The literacy centers focused on phonics skills, building sentences, reviewing sight words, and reading books. The math center skills focused on number recognition, telling time, addition, and shapes. I have included photos of some of the centers .”
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