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Maine’s Positive Story of the Day from Windham Middle School ~
Here at Windham Middle School in RSU 14 7th grade students just completed an in depth project based unit that aimed to turn back the high tide of Maine’s opioid epidemic. The “Back to the Future” themed project’s name is “Taking Back Maine’s Future”. 2022 marks its third annual community event. Students studied the impact of Maine’s current opioid epidemic using extensive research and exposure to a panel of experts including Governor Mills’ Director of Opioid Response Gordon Smith, pharmacy students from University of New England, and Maine residents in recovery. As a final product, students predicted what Maine’s future could look like: A future where their generation is able to find solutions for the state’s horrifying opioid epidemic, ending the crisis before it gets worse; and a future in which the current trends of opioid addiction and overdose continue to rise. Students created newspapers from the year 2055 to show both possible futures: Some papers report from the bright future, free from opioid abuse; and some from the dark future where opioid addiction has continued to grow at alarming rates. These newspapers, along with a real DeLorean time machine, were on display for the public at the third annual “Taking Back Maine’s Future” event on Thursday May 5th. A huge turnout gave the students a chance to share their learning with an authentic audience.
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