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Positive Pumpkin Behavior Recognition!

Oh my gourd I love fall! Throughout October and November we implemented our Positive Pumpkin Recognition Program for Students, complete with a MtVES Positive Pumpkin Patch bulletin board. This is a great way to recognize and celebrate the positive attitudes and actions of our students! How does it work? Well, here’s the scoop. Any staff member can fill out an orange pumpkin with a positive comment about a student to be posted on the pumpkin patch bulletin board for all the school to see. Each week one student from PreK-2 and one student from grades 3-5 will have their name and positive comment read over the announcements and in turn they will be given a gourd (Gourd Award) to take home. Our focus, as always, is to recognize safe, responsible, and respectful words and actions of our student community. 

Orange you pumped up for this!! 

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