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Maine’s Positive Story of the Day ~ Somerset Elementary in Hartland  ~

Students at Somerset Elementary are enjoying their new indoor grow room during these cold winter months. We are all anxiously awaiting spring when we can get our hands back into the soil, but for now students are learning to grow without it- literally! 3rd and 4th graders are growing hydroponically indoors using the Kratky method (no soil, electricity, or upkeep) and 99% of all the materials required were free! We reused bottles, brown paper napkins, plastic cups, filtered water from the school with added nutrients, and had seeds donated. Having a space inside the school where kids can go and have a calming sensory experience, while also learning about new and innovative ways to grow food in this challenging climate, is absolutely priceless. For more information please follow our Facebook page at or email me (Erin Chute) at

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