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Maine’s Positive Story of the Day ~ Machias Memorial High School ~

Submitted by SpecialEducation Teacher, Anthony Roy

“As all teachers around the state must know, things have been chaotic lately to say the least.  Sickness has tremendously increased absences for both students and staff, and the kids we work with are dealing with issues that would normally bring anyone down.  Just as I was starting to feel my stress and worries rise, students in multiple classes reminded me, through their actions, that they are still learning and achieving great things.  I had a couple students volunteer to read aloud to the class, despite the usual hesitance, without being promoted to do so.  Other students went out of their way to include peers who may have been left out, again without being prompted.  Once I noticed these things it was easy to look around and see growth, maturity, and kindness all around in the students at Machias Memorial High school, which lifted me up and made me proud of the school community as a whole.”

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