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Maine’s Positive Story of the Day ~ Hebron Station School ~

Oxford Hills has an Outdoor Learning Coach through a RREV grant. During the coach’s time at Hebron Station School, teachers took advantage of her support and the following learning took place outside:

*PreK and K observed birds and recorded their data on a chart, took notes, and made drawings nature journals. They also got out on snowshoes for the first time.

*3rd graders took their science outside doing a Force and Motion unit which included investigations involving sleds. Trials were conducted to see if adding more students to each sled resulted in a longer sled run. Measurements were taken and recorded by each group. Parents were invited in for a culminating activity where their findings were presented.

*4th graders took part in a unit on the History of Maine which combined science and social studies beginning with Maine history back to the last ice age. Experiential, movement-based activities in the snow allowed students to recreate the state of Maine as the glaciers did. They also created a timeline in the snow providing a visual understanding of the 10,000 years that has passed between the melting of the glaciers and subsequent populating of Maine.

*5th graders learned about Earth’s four systems and their interactions and then chose a spot on the nature trail to examine more closely. They identified features of the systems found in their spot and created a poster that detailed these features’ interactions.


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