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Maine’s Positive Story of the Day ~ Oceanside High School in Rockland ~

Oceanside High School’s NOVA program connects students with experiential learning opportunities that take them outside the classroom walls. This fall, students have participated in scallop aquaculture research, collaborating with Hurricane Island to build and deploy scallop spat bags that allow juvenile scallops to safely attach and grow on the lines. Come spring, the students will check the sites in Rockland Harbor to assess the success of the spat bags. The NOVA program has also partnered with the Trekkers outdoor youth mentoring program and Erickson Fields in Camden to give back through garden work and food bank donations. By harvesting, processing and packaging vegetables from the Teen Ag plots, students are getting hands-on lessons in small farm operations while also providing fresh produce to local restaurants and food pantries supporting community members in need. Whether building scientific knowledge or serving neighbors, the NOVA program provides real-world contexts where students can pursue their interests and develop values.


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