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Maine’s Positive Story of the Day ~ Pine Street Elementary in Presque Isle ~

Balloons Over Broadway is a fun activity that has graced the second-grade classrooms at Pine Street Elementary in Presque Isle, Maine. The enthusiasm for this book and all the imaginative activities that transpire from it is due to the story that teaches young and old alike the history behind the famous Macy’s Day Parade and the challenges Anthony “Tony” Frederick Sarg overcame when creating the balloons we see today. Tony wanted the balloons to articulate and gesture like enormous puppets. He put his imaginative ideas to work, and after several attempts, he was successful.

Many people used their expertise to help with this project. At Pine Street, second-grade teacher Jennifer Hallett approached the second-grade team and art teacher, Ms. Powers. Members of the Anah Shrine Temple Klowns, Shawn Lahey and Dave Allen, were called upon to help students learn the art of making balloon animals. Dr. Malenfant and students majoring in education from the University of Maine at Presque Isle came to support the second graders create their Balloons Over Broadway scene. The finished project was an eye-appealing scene for our second-grade parents to view and enjoy as they came to our school for Parent Teacher Conferences. This hands-on learning activity was a collaborative effort that gave UMPI students and the Anah Shrine Klowns the experience of working with young children. To see this creative idea transpose into the final project was terrific. All parties involved are excited to come back next year to do it again.


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