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Maine’s Positive Story of the Day ~ Village Elementary School AND Gorham High School in Gorham~

Once a month Gorham School District has an early release on Wednesdays. Village School has decided to use this shortened day to focus on academic and cooperation skills and have declared our half day Wednesdays Game Changer Day! This is a day to focus our learning through games…what is even more exciting is that we also have our Gorham HS friends come and play these games with us through our Adopt A Classroom program. Two HS students are paired with each of our classroom K-5 and join in with the games of the day…which could include: Chess, Checkers, Tenzi, Racko, Monoply, Life, Cribbage, Yahtzee etc…most any board game, card game, or dice game is welcomed! What fun it is to learn through games while also playing with HS friends!


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