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Maine’s Positive Story of the Day from Benton Elementary ~
Reading Recovery and Title I Literacy students at Benton Elementary enjoyed an in-person presentation from Musher, Tara Crossman, and her team of Husky sled dogs from Can Ya Catch Me Kennel in Topsham, Maine. Tara introduced her dogs and equipment to the eager students and staff. She shared her knowledge and experience as a teen Musher in the State of Maine.
This was an activity included as part of the reading challenge, I-did-a-read, based on the iconic Iditarod run in Alaska each year. Students logged their reading at home and at school to track their reading sled team across an Alaskan map to Nome. Students will receive a copy of Where We Run A Dog Sledding Story by K.M. Allen for their participation in the reading challenge.
This year was an exceptionally good year to remember the first “relay” serum Mushers ran from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska during the epidemic of 1925.
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