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Cony High School, Augusta

Cony is doing final exams.  We have a 4X4 schedule, so the classes end and start new classes.  When we say final exams, teachers develop a summative assessment that can be a written exam or they can create different types of assessments like presentations, discussions, etc.


Belfast Area High School, Belfast

No modifications for our school.  We will deal with students on an individual basis.


George Stevens Academy, Blue Hill

Proceeding as usual.


Easton High School, Easton

Business as usual in Easton.


Ellsworth High School, Ellsworth

When we went to a standards base education, Ellsworth High School went away from mid-term/final exams.



Lawrence High School, Fairfield

Lawrence is giving finals Jan. 25, 26, & 27 to end the first semester. Back to normal.



Piscataquis Community Secondary School, Guilford

We are staying with normally scheduled midterms, but have eliminated the traditional week of midterms and kept all classes in place. Any mid term will be completed during regular classes.


Hampden Academy, Hampden

At Hampden Academy, we are not adjusting our schedule like we typically do for mid-terms and finals. 

  • We have never mandated mid terms or finals in any course, although we still give many traditional assessments (projects, tests, etc).
  • We always have adjusted the schedule that week to balance assessments, but we are not doing that this year.
  • We have requested that yearlong courses, if they are interested in giving a cumulative mid term they do so the week before or the week after.
  • We feel that with the additional stress for students and teachers this year that a more balanced approach makes sense and less of a “finals, midterms week” that could increase anxiety and stress.

Islesboro School, Islesboro

My school is tiny, each teacher is a department of one.  We are leaving it up to individual teachers if they want to have an exam or not.  And we aren’t changing the schedule.  


Oceanside High School, Rockland


Monday, JANUARY 24

W1        –           7:30     –           9:00     EXAM

W2        –           9:10     –           10:40  EXAM                 

                        10:40   –           11:05   Lunch

                        11:10   –           12:30   Make-up/Recovery 1

                        12:40  –              2:00     Make-up/Recovery 2

Tuesday, JANUARY 25

B1      –           7:30     –           9:00     EXAM

B2      –           9:10     –           10:40   EXAM        

                        10:40   –           11:05   Lunch

                         11:10   –           12:30   Make-up/Recovery 1

                        12:40  –            2:00     Make-up/Recovery 2

Wednesday, JANUARY 26

W3        –           7:30     –           9:00     EXAM

W4        –           9:10     –           10:40   EXAM

                        10:40   –           11:05   Lunch

                        11:10   –           12:30   Make-up/Recovery 1

                        12:40   –            2:00     Make-up/Recovery 2

Thursday, JANUARY 27

B3      –              7:30     –           9:00     EXAM

B4      –              9:10     –           10:40   EXAM

                          10:40   –           11:05   Lunch

                        11:05   –           2:00     Make-up

Friday, JANUARY 28




Leavitt Area High School, Turner

We’re not running a mid-term exam schedule this year.  If teachers are interested in having a mid-year exam, they are scheduling it during their regular class time.  At this point, my sense is that there will be very few.



Washburn District High School, Washburn

Our staff for Washburn District HS just voted yesterday to not have Midterms this year due to the pandemic.  We are hoping to offer them next year

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