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Coffin Elementary School, Brunswick

We’ve got an ‘opt-out’ for our Grades 1 and 2 multiage and would be happy to answer questions/share materials. 

Dunn School, Gray

At Dunn School we are comprised of 4 multi-age teams consisting of 3rd and 4th grade students.  Each team has a 3rd grade classroom, 4th grade classroom and either one or two multi-age classrooms.  Parents can request a single graded classroom or a multi-age classroom at the time of placement, however there is no option for not being on a multi-age team.  Students remain on their team for both years they are at Dunn School, and they may be flexibly grouped in one or more contents into a multi-age class for content specific reasons, even if they are based out of a single grade classroom.

Mable I Wilson School, Cumberland

Mabel I Wilson (k-3) we offer two multi-age classrooms. Both are 1st and 2nd grade classrooms split 50/50. 

Miles Lane School, Bucksport

At Miles Lane School, all of our third and fourth grade classrooms (8 of them) are multi-grade homerooms, spanning 3rd and 4th grade.  Four of our grades 1/2 classrooms offered this structure this year.  Our goal in 2 years will be to have our entire school as multi-graded/ungraded homerooms as we continue to move forward in our personalized and proficiency-based learning goals.  

Millinocket School District, Millinocket

We only have single grade classrooms, unless it is a Special Education student and then we have different programs.

Moscow and Quimby Elementary Schools, Bingham

We have a few students who are allowed to go to other classes (one grade up) for certain subjects, but they retain their current grade level.

Wells Elementary School, Wells

At Wells Elementary we offer two multiage 1-2 and 3 traditional grade 1 and grade 2 classrooms.  We also offer 2 multiage grade 3/4 classrooms and 3 traditional grade 3 and grade 4 classrooms.  Parents can request these settings, but it is not a guarantee that all children will be placed where in the requested setting, depending on class size.  

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