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Biddeford High School, Biddeford

            We are in year 5 for grades 9-12.

Brewer High School, Brewer

            We use Naviance.

Brunswick High School, Brunswick

            The guidance department uses it.

Bucksport High School, Bucksport

            We got rid of Naviance this past year, due to cost and not great usability.  We now have Kuder, which is a fraction of the price and seems capable of the same things.  Too early to know how good it will be though.

Foxcroft Academy, Dover-Foxcroft

At Foxcroft Academy we use Naviance for our seniors. This is our 4th year of using Naviance.

Hall-Dale Middle/High School, Farmingdale

            We have used it for 2 years in grades 6-12.

John Bapst High School, Bangor

            We have been using it for several years.

Kennebunk High School, Kennebunk

            Kennebunk High School uses it for grades 9-12.

Lewiston High School, Lewiston

            Lewiston High School is in its fourth year of Naviance.  We use it grades 9-12, with a major emphasis on 12th for the college application process.  Bulk of stuff is for juniors and seniors for college planning, transcripts, college materials, etc.  

Lincoln Academy, Newcastle

            Lincoln Academy is using Naviance, primarily grades 11 and 12. We are using it “full time” this year, and began exploratory work with it 2015-2016.

Marshwood High School, South Berwick

            We use it for grades 9-12 and have had it for about 5-6 years

Massabesic High School, Waterboro

            We have been using it at least 3 years for grades 9-12.

Mount Ararat High School, Topsham

            We have just begun to use Naviance at the HS level.

Noble High School, North Berwick

            Uses Naviance

Oak Hill High School, Wales

            We use it for all grades (9-12), but specifically in career essentials (9th grade) and seniors at Oak Hill High School. We have been using it for 4, or so, years. 

Portland High Schools (Portland, Deering, and Casco Bay), Portland

            Portland, Deering and Casco Bay HS has been using Naviance for many years – 5+.  

Salem High School, New Hampshire

            Salem High School (I’m in NH), uses it in grades 9-12.  We have students begin using it their freshman year, and they have activities to do in it each year.

Scarborough High School, Scarborough

            Yes, we do use Naviance here at SHS. We’ve been using it for a number of years, not sure how many exactly. We primarily use it with our 10th-12th grade students. We use it for college and career exploration and planning. 

Our college and career counselor uses it extensively with 12th grade students as a communication tool when working with students and families during the college search/application process. 

It’s great tool!

South Portland High School, South Portland

5 years for grades 8-12

Traip Academy, Kittery

            We are using Naviance in grades 9-12.  We launched it last year, so we’re just beginning to tap into this powerful platform

Westbrook High School, Westbrook

            We use it in grades 9-12.

Windham High School, Windham

            Windham High School is in its third year of using Naviance.  We use elements of the program in all grade levels.

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