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Open Campus vs. Closed Campus 

For High School Students

Ashland District School, Ashland

          Closed campus

Biddeford High School, Biddeford

          Seniors have open campus during all study halls except block 2 – can go wherever. Juniors have open campus (honors privilege) if they have a block 1 and 4 SH or a Block 3 SH corresponding with lunch. More than happy to share paperwork.

Bucksport High School, Bucksport

          We allow Senior Privilege for the 1st block/last block of the day or first period/last period of the day.  We do not allow students to leave and come back like an open campus.

Calais High School, Calais

          We, here at Calais High School do not have an open campus for any of our students. We do practice a late arrival or early leave for senior student meeting a specific criteria (behaviors, all grades 77+, etc.). In order to be eligible, seniors must have a study hall for the first or last block of the day.

Camden Hills Regional High School, Rockport

          Yes we have open campus for seniors — must be passing all classes and no behavior issues. We have late arrival and early dismissal for juniors — must be passing all their classes and no behavioral issues.

Cape Elizabeth High School, Cape Elizabeth

          Cape Elizabeth has open campus for seniors as long as seniors meet the academic eligibility requirement for sports.

Caribou High School, Caribou

Seniors are only allowed to leave for lunch as part of their senior privileges.  Each year senior privileges are granted sometime in October. 

Casco Bay High School, Portland

          Click here to see a copy of CBHS’s policy.

East Grand School, Danforth

          We have senior privileges, which means seniors may leave for lunch and study halls if they are in good standing, both academically and behaviorally.  

Underclass students are required to remain at school all day, unless they have a 504 plan or IEP that states otherwise.

Eastport High School, Eastport

After years of closed campus, 3 years ago the Eastport School Committee made a decision to have school-wide open campus for all students during lunch. Seniors also have 1 open campus period per day if their schedule allows.

How the school-wide policy works is:  

Lunch Time Release/OPEN CAMPUS

Though students may eat lunch at the high school or elementary school, the ability to leave campus for lunch is also available with the following guidelines: 

  • Students may leave campus unless they have an assigned obligation (i.e. detention, make-up exam).
  • Students must be in good standing (i.e. no behavioral or academic restrictions).
  • Students can leave only during the lunch period.
  • Students must be in their assigned Period 5 class before the late bell rings.
  • Students may take her/his vehicle off campus under the guidelines of the state motor vehicle laws.
  • Students are expected to be good citizens out in the community.
  • Parents may request that their child not have this option. This must be in writing with an accompanying phone call to the office.

Violations of Open Campus rules will result in detention(s) and a possible call home.

We have our detentions during our lunch periods, so students may lose the ability to leave campus because they have detention. Because Period 5 is the first period after lunch, and we did not want late returns to become a problem, we made it an automatic detention for a tardy that period.

I will say that the policy has been successful so far.

Ellsworth High School, Ellsworth

          Ellsworth High School has a closed campus.

Forest Hills School, Jackman

              Closed campus—high rate of non-attendance issues after lunch with open campus

Gardiner Area High School, Gardiner

          We have an open campus privilege for juniors and seniors who earn honor roll grades, have a required amount of community service competed and documented, and are in good standing in regards to conduct.

Gray-New Gloucester High School, Gray

          Gray-New Gloucester High School has Junior & Senior Privileges.  If a junior has a 75% or better in EVERY class they are taking, they may go to the Library or Cafeteria instead of a study hall.  If they don’t have a class during the first block, they don’t need to be in school until 9:00am.  If they don’t have a class during the last block, they may sign out at 12:30pm for the day.

Any senior who has a 75% or better in EVERY class they are taking may go to the Library or Cafeteria instead of a study hall. In addition, seniors (only) are allowed to leave campus anytime they are not scheduled to be in a class.  There is a specific sign-in/out sheet for these seniors.

We do grade checks and update our Jr. /Sr. Privileges every five weeks.

Falmouth High School, Falmouth

          At Falmouth High School we have junior and senior privileges. If a student is in good standing that s/he can leave during a study hall and lunch. Parents must approve privileges, and if anything happens, academically or behaviorally, then they are revoked for a minimum of two weeks.

Houlton Jr. /Sr. High School, Houlton

          Open to just seniors during lunch and study halls

Lake Region High School, Naples

          Open campus, but we are also considering changing. 

Lawrence High School, Fairfield

         We have open campus for all students who maintain a 90 or above average. These students can come in late if they have a block 1 study hall.  Open campus privileges are extended for all study hall blocks throughout the day as long as they are not leaving classes early or late to classes following a study hall.  The students with gold cards can leave for lunch.   
       We also have early release for junior and senior students who maintain a B or better average.  Students are considered full-time if they carry 3 courses out of four possible per semester.  This is only for block 4. 

Leavitt High School, Turner

          Leavitt is a closed campus.

Lee Academy, Lee

          Lee Academy has a modified open house.  We allow students to leave campus during lunch only.  They are allowed to only go as far as what we call “the bubble” which is a defined area which includes the local convenience store, diner and bank ATM.  They are allowed off campus only during their lunch period (25 minutes).

Lewiston High School, Lewiston

          Closed campus

Lisbon High School, Lisbon

          We have academic standards that are assessed every quarter.  Seniors who qualify can sign out during Academic Support periods (our version of study halls) and lunch.

Madison Area Memorial High School, Madison

          Madison generally allows senior privileges for last quarter.  Seniors have to be in good standing with habits of work and at least an 85 average.

Massabesic High School, Waterboro

          Click here to see a copy of their “Off-campus lunch expectations.”

Mattanawcook Academy, Lincoln

          At Mattanawcook Academy we have Senior Privileges only.  Seniors must have 88 or better in all classes and 3’s or better in Habits of Mind.  They can miss beginning and ending of day study halls.  They may not go out between classes or for lunch.

Mt. Ararat High School, Topsham

          At MTA we have senior privilege, not an open campus.  Students who are eligible and have a study hall 1st period or 4th period of a block schedule can apply for late start or early release.  This is limited to students who have a specific level of academic performance.

Mountain Valley High School, Rumford

          MVHS has an open campus for seniors in good standing.

Narragaugus High School, Harrington

          Narragaugus High School does not have an open campus for seniors.

Nokomis High School, Newport

          At Nokomis we have a closed campus for the most part.  However, we do have what we call “Senior Privileges,” which allow seniors who meet the criteria in their senior year to leave during study halls.  If this person is interested, I can send the form we use that lists all of the academic, attendance, behavior, etc. requirements we use.  

Oceanside High School, Rockland

          Oceanside does not have an open campus policy.  However, students leaving campus for lunch has turned into an unexpected fiasco for us.  Parents are dismissing their children, allowing them to leave school for lunch, creating a mass exit of many, many students at each of our lunches.  Our attempts to keep students in the building for lunch has been unsuccessful.   We are now making plans to tighten this up for next year, which will include a policy for seniors only.   Approved seniors must have met and maintained certain criteria, such as specific language regarding absences, tardies, behavior and grades. I am hoping that treating this as a senior privilege rather than an open campus for all will be easier to control.

Old Town High School, Old Town

          Closed campus

Pine Tree Academy, Freeport

          Pine Tree Academy has a closed campus.  Seniors who have no last period classes, and have school and parental permission, may sign out of school early.  Once signed out they are not supposed to return to school.  Other than this, students are to remain at school for the entire school day.

Piscataquis Community Secondary School, Guilford

          We have only Senior Privileges. A senior in good standing can came late or leave early, or attend senior lounge, if they have a study hall during 1st or last period. The may NOT leave and come back.

Sacopee Valley High School, Hiram

Seniors at Sacopee Valley High School are allowed to have late arrival OR early dismissal on one day out of two (blue/white days). All students including seniors must carry 7 courses unless they appeal due to special circumstances. We have an alternating day block schedule with eight periods total.  We do not have open campus for underclass students.

Traip Academy, Kittery

          Seniors in good academic and citizenship standing may leave with parent permission during study halls only.  Our three lunches are closed and all students must remain on campus.

Vinalhaven School, Vinalhaven

          This is for seniors only. All grades must be at 80% or above. They are eligible to arrive late, no homeroom requirements, leave for study halls and lunch and leave early if no class(s) at the end of the day. They must adhere to all school policies relating to conduct, while they are off campus during the school day and must be at all assemblies, even if at the end of the day. Grades are checked the same as our athletic policy dictates. Senior privileges may be suspended if deemed necessary for specific issues, by the high school grade level team, or principal.

Winthrop High School, Winthrop

          Clickhere for Winthrop’s Senior Privileges Guidelines and Regulations

York High School, York

York High School does not currently have open campus. We are considering it for seniors who are in good academic and behavioral standing. We do have late arrival and early release for students who are in good standing if they have 1st or last block study hall in their schedule.

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