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Brewer High School, Brewer

     Brewer High charges a $15.00 per athlete per season activity fee. 

Greater Portland Christian School, Portland

     Our entire athletic budget is funded through pay to play.

     Students pay 125/sport for high school.

     Students pay 75/sport for middle school.

    Sport participation fees are capped at $350 per individual student or $400 per family.

Greeley High School, Falmouth

     Please click here to view Greeley’s Activities Fees document.

Lake Region High School, Naples

     Volleyball – $100

     Lacrosse – $100

     Ice Hockey – $250

Poland Regional High School, Poland

     We did have a $25 participation fee for all sports previously (FB, ice hockey paid more) but we eliminated the fee two years ago.  The only current sports to have fees are girls/boys ice hockey and lacrosse (all co-op sports).

Schneck High School, East Millinocket

     Schenck High School does not have a pay to play system for the sports we offer at our school.  Any student that participates outside our district for a cooperative team or individual athlete will play half the fees for the season and the School will pay the other half.

Traip Academy, Kittery

     Traip Academy has a $75.00 user fee per sport grades 6-12. No family discount and those that receive any assistance through the Free and Reduced Lunch Program the user fee is waived.

Yarmouth High School, Yarmouth

     Please click here to read the “Value of Athletics Budget Handbook.

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