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Alexander Elementary, Alexander

We have two recesses, each 20 minutes long.

St. Michael School, Augusta

Our students have two recesses a day.  One morning recess for 15 minutes, and a recess after lunch which is 20 minutes.  Our middle school students have two 10’s a day.

Captain Albert Stevens School, Belfast

We currently have an academic day that is 6.5 hours long. Students have a 1/2-hour break for lunch and a 1/2-hour break for recess. Currently we are thinking that these times are a bit too long due to breakdowns in behavior near the end of the 1/2 hour. We are considering something along the lines of one 15 minute and one 20-minute break for next year. 

Stevens Brook Elementary School, Bridgton

All our students have a 30-minute recess before lunch. At the beginning of the year, K teachers add in an extra recess and slowly wean the students off it by mid-October.

Morse Memorial School, Brooks

I currently work in two elementary schools where students get a snack/movement break mid-morning for approx. 15 minutes, a lunch recess of about 25 minutes.  Due to the length of our day (buses don’t come until 3:30-3:45) students get outside dismissal recess for 15-25 minutes depending on when their bus arrives.

Coffin Elementary School, Brunswick

All our students have at least a 30-minute recess each day before their lunch.  Most teachers also organize an additional recess by mini team each day, as well.  

Miles Lane School, Bucksport

At Miles Lane School in Bucksport, we have an optional morning recess from 7:30–7:55.  Students arrive between 7:15 and 7:55 and they have the option of going to breakfast or recess beginning at 7:30.  If they choose breakfast, they eat then go out if time allows before the bell rings at 7:55.  Our students also have a mid-day 30 minute recess either before or after their lunch.  

Canaan Elementary School, Canaan

5 days x 25 minutes for recess.

5-days x 30 minutes for p.m. recess for students riding the bus.

Chelsea Elementary School, Chelsea

One recess per day 30 minutes, but we also use yoga in the classroom and movement breaks

Central Community Elementary School, Corinth

We have one, 30-minute schedule recess for each grade level. However, we highly encourage our grade level teams and teachers in general to schedule additional recess time or movement activities during the day. 

Mabel I Wilson School, Cumberland

We have 1 recess a day (Pre-K through grade 3) for 25 minutes that we provide coverage for. Additional recesses are at the teacher’s discretion and they go outside with the students. 

Dayton Consolidated School, Dayton

We have two recesses: 15 minutes and 20 minutes.

Teachers also have discretion to add in others at their will as appropriate

Opal Myrick Elementary School, East Millinocket

We have one per day for 15 minutes.  We run two lunches and the recesses piggyback lunch.  

Easton Elementary School, Easton

At Easton Elementary School, we have morning recess – students start coming in at 7:30 and they either go to breakfast or go outside.  This recess ends at 8:00.  We also have a mid-day recess for 25 minutes.  

Holden and Eddington Elementary Schools, Eddington

PK-4 schools have recess from 7:55-8:15

2nd recess is 25 min. one grade before lunch and 2nd after lunch

Etna Dixmont School, Etna

Our students have one recess a day for 30 minutes at lunch and morning wait/recess before school starts for 20 minutes.

Falmouth Elementary School, Falmouth

At Falmouth Elementary School this is our recess schedule… 

K-3 has two 20-minute recesses each day

4th- has one set 20-minute recess each day and at times go out for a second recess at the teacher’s discretion

5th- has one set 20-minute recess each day and they also take an outside mindful/movement break for @10 minutes in the late morning and duringbus dismissal each day the kids go outside again.

Cascade Brook School, Farmington

We have 20 min recess when students come to school in the am while we wait for busses to arrive and we have a 20-minute recess either after lunch or before lunch depending on the grade level.

Mallett School, Farmington

Here at Mallett (Pre-K – 2nd grade) our K-2 students have a 30-minute recess at midday. This is true for 3-5th grades too. Pre-K has two shorter recesses a.m./p.m.

Fort Fairfield Elementary School, Fort Fairfield

Early morning:  Starting at 7:35 students arriving by bus or dropped off by family members are on the playground until 8:10. This is opposite breakfast service.

Mid-morning Break:  10 minutes

Lunch Recess:  25 minutes

Mast Landing School, Freeport

We have two recesses daily.  The first is 15 minutes.  The second is 20 minutes.

River View Community School, S. Gardiner

Our students start their day with recess and the morning recess length varies depending on when the student arrives at school. But we staff the morning recess from 8:10-8:30. Students also get their breakfast during this time if they eat breakfast at school.

Then each grade (we have grades 3-5 here) has a 30-minute recess after lunch.

Village Elementary School, Gorham

Village Elementary School in Gorham….lunch and recess is 45 minutes long… our hope is the students eat in about 20 minutes and they get 25 minutes of recess time. Then each classroom decides when and how long another recess may be either in the morning or afternoon…usually 15 minutes…or they make take a movement break instead–movement breaks happen throughout the day as a classroom need.

Helen S. Dunn Elementary School, Greenbush

Twenty minutes for PreK through Grade 5. Ten minutes for grades 6-8.

REVISED:  30-minutes mid-day for PreK through Grade 5; 10-minutes for Grades 6-8

Weatherbee Elementary School, Hampden

3rd, 4th and 5th grade students have one recess a day for 25 minutes. 

Harrington Elementary School, Harrington

At Harrington Elementary we have an early recess before school starts from 7:30-8:00, a morning recess 9:45-10:00, and a noon recess 12:00-12:25.  PreK and Kindergarten also go out in the afternoon for a half hour.

Mill Pond School, Hodgdon

PK to gr. 6…… 20-minute recess 1x/day

Indian Island School, Indian Island

Pk-5 have one recess for 30 min daily.

6-8 have one recess 20 min daily.

Spruce Mountain Elementary, Jay

Recess is 30 minutes as it aligns with a contractual requirement of 30-minute duty-free staff lunches.

Jonesport Elementary School, Jonesport

At JES, the PreK-2 group has two recesses each day for 30 mins each. 

Grades 3-8 have two recesses each day for 15 minutes each.  

Kennebunk Elementary School, Kennebunk

Our pre-K students have two recesses each day, each for 30 minutes.  In grades K-2, our children go outside daily as buses arrive for up to 25 minutes and then they have a 30-minute mid-day recess.  We are a pre-K -2 school in Kennebunk.

Ella P Burr, Lincoln

Twenty minutes for PreK through Grade 5. Ten minutes for grades 6-8.

Madison Elementary School, Madison

We run one recess a day before lunch for grades k-4. 25 minutes.

Memorial School, New Gloucester

At Memorial School in New Gloucester, our K-2 students have one recess a day for 30 minutes. Teachers can take additional recess if they like… but the I only staff that one recess per grade per day.

Oxford Elementary School, Oxford

Our Pre-K -6 students each have one recess per day that is 30 minutes long.  At the beginning of the year, pre-k and k teachers have flexibility to take their students out if another one is needed as they transition back to school, but those are not “scheduled” and only last a couple of weeks.

Pembroke Elementary, Pembroke

We have two recesses at Pembroke Elementary. One is 15 minutes and one is 20 minutes.

Pittston-Randolph Consolidated School, Pittston

We are a K-5 school.  Teachers generally take their own classes out one per day for approx. 15-20 minutes, plus all grades go out with duty teachers for lunch recess of 30 minutes.  

Poland Community School, Poland

Every grade pre-k to 6 get 30 minutes every day.

Riverton Elementary School, Portland

PK-5, one recess a day for 30 minutes.

Kindergarten and 1st grade. have a 15 min. wiggle break, they go outside if the weather is nice.

Raymond Elementary School, Raymond

At the Raymond Elementary School, we have a 45-minute lunch/recess period. Depending on the grade level the students either have 20 or 25 minutes for lunch and 20 or 25 minutes for recess.

This year we added an outside recess during morning arrival. Students either go outside or to breakfast.

Readfield Elementary School, Readfield

Grades 1-5 have one recess a day (25 minutes)

PreK and K have two recesses a day (one is 25 minutes and one is 15 minutes)

Libby Tozier and Sabattus Primary, Sabattus

We have one recess a day for pk-2. This is half an hour long. There is more time during the morning arrival that is “choice” time in the classroom and similar to an indoor recess.

Oak Hill Middle School, Sabattus

Each grade has a recess and it lasts 10 minutes after their lunch period. 

Young School, Saco

Morning: All kids who arrive before 7:55 opening bell go out for recess. Duration of recess is 15 minutes.

Snack Recess- All students go outside for 15 minutes

Lunch Recess- All students go outside for 20 minutes.

This comes out to a total of 3 recesses for each student with 50 minutes of recess in all.

Sebago Elementary, Sebago

K-5 get 30 minutes every day. Our Pre-K gets two recesses every day for 30-45 minutes each.

Edna Libby School, Standish

Pre-K has a morning recess for 20 minutes and another 25 minutes after lunch.  Grades K-3 each have one 25-minute recess after their lunch.

Union Elementary School, Union

At Union Elementary School (pk-6) we have a 15-minute recess before school and 30 minutes at noon. 

Mount View Elementary, Unity

2 recesses —

One in the am during bus arrivals. 1/2 hour from 7:45-8:15.

One in coordination with lunches. 1/2 hour from 12:15-12:45 for K-2 and 12:45-1:15 for 3-5.

Miller School, Waldoboro

At Miller PK has one recess, K has one or two depending on the day, 1st to 6 has one recess. All recesses are 20 minutes long. 

Waterboro Elementary School, East Waterboro

Our PreK students have two recess per day, 25 minutes each and our students K-5 have one recess which is 25 minutes. Please let me know if I can further assist you.

Prescott Memorial School, Washington

K-3 and 4-6 each have one 25-minute recess every day.  

Wells Elementary, Wells

Every class in Wells Elementary (K-4) has one recess for 25 minutes.

Windham Primary School, Windham

2 recesses or motor breaks depending on weather.  K-3 school and one is approximately 20 minutes with transition time and 15 minutes with transition time. 

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