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Stevens Brook Elementary School, Bridgton

We have Kindergarten, First Grade, and Self-contained special ed classes 5 days a week. Grade 2-5 are hybrid with two days in person and 3 days remote. On Fridays, hybrid teachers engage in

  • PLCs
  • Data Meetings
  • Scheduled Check-in Meetings with Remote Learners
  • Open Office Hours for Remote Learners/Parents
  • Prep Time

Dexter Regional High School, Dexter

The teachers at DRHS are teaching (from their classroom) on Wednesdays, but the students are home/remote.  All of the students are expected to show up on Zoom and lessons are delivered every block throughout the day.  Regular attendance is taken and reported.  The time frames and daily schedule are the same, just no kids in the school.  After 2 weeks, it seems to be going OK.  We had early discussions about using Wednesdays for PD and planning, but we decided it was more important to spend actual time with the students (even if it’s remotely).  Every teacher has a Rally system in their classroom, which enhances the Zoom – online learning experience for both the teacher and the students.  We also have our Advisory block on Wednesday morning by Zoom and that seems to be working as well.



Ridge View Community School, Dexter

We use Wednesdays as an office hours day as well as checking in with kids who have not appeared remotely and we are hosting help desk hours for parents to solve connectivity issues. Teachers also use the time to plan for the remote days. 


Washington Academy, East Machias

At Washington Academy, we have created a reduced day schedule where teachers will connect with all students remotely by using a google attendance form. Students will also answer a question or two. (SAT question of the day for example)  We agreed to NOT introduce any new material. The schedule for the day looks like this:

Period 1   9:00-9:20

Period 2   9:30-9:50

Period 3   10:00-10:20

Office Hours:  10:30 – 1:00

Teachers may work from home that day if they wish.



Marshwood Middle School, Eliot

Wednesday is a full workday for all Marshwood Middle School staff (Hybrid & Remote) where they will have office hours each Wednesday from 7:30 A.M. until 1:50 P.M.. Wednesdays should also be viewed as an active learning day for all students. In general and typically, our Wednesday work with students will be provided remotely. Teachers will be scheduling times to meet with individual and small groups of students who require pre-teaching, reteaching, or extensions to the instruction they receive on their synchronous teaching and learning days. In addition, students can reach out to their teachers as they have questions or reach points of confusion that require assistance and verbal interaction with their teachers. Please keep in mind that teachers will be responding to many requests for assistance and responses to their requests for help may not always occur immediately. Students should submit their request for teacher help, exercise a bit of patience, and plan to work on completing other assignments while they await a teacher’s response or invite to a virtual meeting.



MSAD 11, Gardiner

Click HERE for the Return to School Learning Expectations

Click HERE for the Staff Version of the Learning Expectations


Central Middle School, Glenburn

Click HERE for a copy of their plan.


K-5 in Gorham Schools, Gorham

Please click HERE for a copy of Parent Expectations

Please click HERE for a copy K-5 Reopening Guidelines and Schedule Samples.

Please click HERE for a copy of Staff Friday Expectations.


Gray-New Gloucester High School, Gray

Wednesdays at GNGHS are called “Flex” days.  It is a day for students to work (on their own) on their academics.  They are expected to Zoom in with their homeroom advisor from 10:00 – 10:30.  Teachers have PD from 8:00 – 10:00; advisory from 10:00 -10:30; and then office hours (to grade, plan/prep, answer emails, assist students as needed) from 10:30 – 3:00. 



Sacopee Valley Middle School, Hiram

Here at SVMS and at our Elementary school, we have remote Fridays for all students (the other four days are a mix of in person, hybrid, and online-only students). SVMS students are given the opportunity to work with their teachers, ed techs, etc. remotely on material they struggle with, catch up on missing work, speak to staff directly with questions, etc.

Our staff is in school from 7:30 – 2:30


Sacopee Valley High School, Hiram

Sacopee Valley High School uses Fridays to Zoom or Google meet all of our IEP’s/504’s…

Several of our AP classes are held due to the academic rigor. Material cannot be covered in a 4 day week…

Busses cruise their routes and drop off food, books and hard copy work to our remote students…

Team meetings by grade level-Identify and contact “ghosts.” They offer extra help-make up-remediation -RTI for students who are struggling. This time is also used for Content level meetings.


Manson Park School, Industry

In our district, all students are remote on Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, in-person remote students have online work and/or work that was sent home on Tuesday afternoon. Teachers are responsible for connecting with each home learning remote student on Wednesdays. There is a class Google Meeting and office hours available for families. Teachers also participate in a staff meeting, PD, and PLC meetings. They use the remainder of the time to prep and plan for there everyday home learning students. 


Islesboro Central School, Islesboro

We’re having teacher “office hours” and hope to provide remediation, assistance, and support. We hope that students are going to work on projects as opposed to screen time.


H.B. Emery Jr. Memorial & Steep Falls Elementary, Limington

At the elementary level the following is a typical schedule on Fridays

8:30-10:30- Remote instruction (google meets)

    whole group meeting with time slots for  small group instruction in reading and math (so students aren’t on a computer screen for the full two hours but teachers are)

10:30-12:30- Planning time

1:00-3:00 – Professional Development



RSU 21, Kennebunk

Expectations for Hybrid and Distance Learning
Middle School
High School


Mt Jefferson Junior High School, Lee

Click HERE for a copy of their expectations.


Stearns Jr. Sr. High School, Millinocket

We have Friday as a half-day, virtual learning day. Teachers are expected to teach all (virtual and in-person students) online. Students are expected to attend. Attendance is taken.


Penquis Valley High School, Milo

Wednesday Remote Learning Day Schedule

  • Students will log into each of their classes at the beginning according to the schedule
  • Teachers will take attendance and give work to students
  • Teachers will let students know if they can log off to do work or if they need to stay online for small group or 1:1 help
  • During office hours, teachers will contact online learners to check in.  This is also when they are able to speak to parents.




1        9:00-9:30

Math- teacher name

Top of Google Classroom Page

2        9:40-10:10

Soc. Studies- teacher name

Google Classroom Page

3        10:20-10:50



5        11:00-11:30

ELA- teacher name

Google Calendar

6     11:40-12:10

Science- teacher name

Top of Google Classroom Page

MS Teacher Office Hours

1:00 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

This is the time to contact your teacher with questions.



Lake Region High School, Naples

Please click HERE for a copy of their plan.


Loranger Elementary School, Old Orchard Beach (RSU 23)

We at RSU23 in OOB are doing things as consistently as possible from pK-12, and I can share with greater detail what’s happening at Loranger (grades 3-8). Our hybrid plan is all students will be present Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday, with Wednesday remote. I am calling our Wednesday’s “Remote Lite” as we use it to prepare our staff and students if we do end up going remote for any extended amount of time. We do have a plan for what our daily schedule would be if that were to occur. Here’s what our Hybrid Wednesday will look like. 

  • Each teacher will have a morning meeting/SEL check in with their students. This is also a time for reminders of the tasks for the day – which will mirror tasks that students would be completing on a remote day if we were closed for a duration of time. Teachers can assign tasks in advance (Monday or Tuesday), and can provide in person feedback at the end of the week. This feedback should help improve the process if we go remote. 
  • Our grade level teams will hold grade level meetings. 
  • Once per month we will have our Student Advocacy Meeting’s by grade level
  • Once per month we will be holding our district wide half day PD (previously scheduled)

Each teacher will have a designated office hour in which they can be accessible by students and or/families by email or video conference. This can also be used as an intervention/enrichment time scheduled in advance by the teacher or the student. 

Click HERE for the RSU 23 Staff Work Expectations.


Leonard Middle School, Old Town

At Leonard Middle School, we have full days of remote teaching/learning on all 3 days kids are not at school, including the day when no one is here. We have 180 minutes of online instruction and support spread throughout the school day, with expected work time in between. Teachers are encouraged to work from home if they can, so that we can do a deep clean. They may work at school if they can teach better here.


Center Drive School, Orrington

At Center Drive we are calling these Flex days and students are expected to access their specialists: music, p.e., art, guidance, world language and computer. These specialists upload assignments, some specific to curriculum, others different “activities.”   Specialists are expected to provide feedback, but not to all kids the following day.


Poland Regional High School, Poland

Click HERE for a copy of the regional plan.


Mountain Valley High School, Rumford

We are expecting students and teachers to follow a modified schedule for live distance classes for students during the remote day.


Scarborough High School, Scarborough

Scarborough High School has a fully remote day on Wednesday except for students that need services continued on that day.  We are running classes from 8:00 – 11:00 AM and are running them on-line!   


Strong Elementary, Strong

We are doing specific content schedule on Wed. with our 5-8 students. They check in via Google Classroom or Zoom with their content teacher and peers. They discuss the assignment, do break-out rooms, and or share documents. This is from 8-noon. Then afterwards the teachers are doing parent check-ins, PD, Curriculum development, and or faculty meetings. As for K-4, we are still doing packets until all our devices arrive and are available.


Mount View Elementary, Thorndike

Teachers at Mount View Elementary are expected to have a one hour Zoom meeting/class lesson with their homerooms. This is their “Office Hour”. They are expected to utilize the remainder of the day uploading lessons into either Seesaw or Google Classroom (depending on grade level), and maintaining their online communications.



Warren Community School, Warren

We are using the first hour to do Staff or Team Leader meetings. After that teachers engage with their in person kiddos in small groups. So if they have 15 kids, they might do three groups of 5 for 30 minutes each to touch base, review a lesson, do an activity etc. 

The rest of the day is planning time and in house PD opportunities since their planning time during the other day has be cut significantly. 

In our district we also have PLCs from 3:30 – 4:45 on Wednesdays. 



Windham High School, Windham

At Windham HS we have Friday’s as our “flex day”.  Teachers are not expected to provide new learnings or instruction on this day. The day us used for a variety of things:

  • Department meetings and curriculum work
  • Teacher office hours to support students
  • Building level committee meetings
  • District level committee work

Teachers are also working remotely from home on these days.


Vinalhaven Schools, Vinalhaven

With our current schedule at Vinalhaven, we are “in school” full time because we have lots of space and a small number of students.



RSU 19, Etna Dixmont

Staff are working in the building

Morning is spent with individual appointments with remote students and parents – hangouts, phone conversations

Afternoon is usually spent preparing videos for remote learning and lesson plans for remote as well depending on what happened during conversation in morning.

Trying not to fill up the day with meetings although there are some.

Students from in-school group receive work to do at home on Wednesday and bring back on Thursday – not digital as students PK-4 do not have their Chromebooks going home yet as we are not remote.




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