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China Middle School, China

Heather Wilson is the school RTI coordinator for China Middle School.  They are in the second year of implementing RTI so it is still a work in progress, but would be happy to share what they are doing.

Greenbush School Department, Greenbush

We have a solid RtI system in place. We are always open to a visit to see how our process works.

Leonard Middle School, Old Town

I would highly recommend the BARR model for both middle and high school level.  We’re piloting in RSU 34.  Bucksport and Noble have already implemented. 

Jordan-Small Middle School and Raymond Elementary, Raymond

We are on our third year of revising our RtI model looking for that “magic bullet”.  The principal would be happy to share what we have tried and our currently doing either by phone or through a visit. RtI for grades 6 – 8 is a different “animal” than what works K-5 that is for sure!

Lake Region Middle School, Naples

We implemented an Advisory/RtI Block this year at Lake Region Middle School.  Every day, students meet with their Advisory group and then transition to a designated space on his or her respective team, depending on the supports needed.  The RtI block ranges from 35 -45 minutes in length depending on the day.  We are currently managing this with a google spreadsheet, but in the next couple weeks we will be implementing EduSched, an RtI scheduling software developed by a teacher in Westbrook. It is supposed to be pretty amazing.   

We also have a strong RtI committee at the middle school. We are always open to having visitors check out what we are doing at LRMS if it may be helpful in any way.

Saco Middle School, Saco

SMS has a strong RtI model.  Contact the principal for details.

Scarborough Schools, Scarborough

Our Student Assistance Team provides support to students who are struggling academically or behaviorally. The team is comprised of teachers, counselors and administrators and we coordinated with nurses, school resource officer and other student services providers in the school. Click here to see a document that describes our process and the work we do. 

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