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Baileyville School Department, Baileyville

Baileyville School Department employs a RN on site.  It is a part-time hourly position. 

Mount Desert Island High School, Bar Harbor

At MDI we have a full time RN who is employed by the school with a contract that mirrors the teachers’.  We also have a nurse practitioner on site 1.5 days a week for school-based health care.  This is paid for by the MDI Hospital.

Morse High School, Bath

Morse High School has a full-time RN on site. She is on a teachers’ contract.

Crescent Park Elementary School, Bethel

MSAD #44 has a registered nurse that goes between buildings in the district.  She is not at my school all the time.  We have a CNA that covers the office when she isn’t here.  She is not on administrative contract.  She is under the teachers’ contract.  

Biddeford High School, Biddeford

We have a registered nurse and she is on the teachers’ contract.

Brewer Community School, Brewer

We have an RN at Brewer Community School, but she is on the teachers’ contract.

Bowdoinham Community School, Bowdoinham

We have an RN for 2 days a week, which is a position under the teacher contract.  We have a Health Aide for 3 days a week, which is a support staff position.

Brunswick Junior High School, Brunswick

We have a registered nurse and she has her own salary agreement under the teachers’ contract.

RSU 25, Bucksport

We have 3 RSU 25 district nurses that share 2 FTE positions for our district of 1100 students. There are always 2 nurses on somewhere in the district. They are not all RNs. I actually believe they are on the teacher contract. I know each of them work at hospitals or health centers outside their district work days as well. 

Camden/Rockport Middle School, Camden

CRMS has a registered nurse. They serve under the teacher contract.

Central Community Elementary School, Corinth

Our nurses are on the teachers’ contract. 

Central Middle School, Corinth

In RSU 64, the nurse is under the teachers’ contract and not an admin contract. She operates under all the provisions/benefits of a teacher contract.

Greeley Middle School, Cumberland

At Greely Middle School, we have two RNs who each are 0.8FTE, for a total of 1.6FTE in the school. It may appear at first glance that we are over resourced, but we have this much nursing coverage because we have 800 students in the school with 5 grades, two start times and two dismissals (one for GMS 4-5 and one for GMS 6-8). They are included in the teachers’ collective bargaining agreement in MSAD #51.

Greely High School, Cumberland

We have an RN here at our high school.  She operates under at teacher contract as opposed to an admin contract.

MSAD #46, Dexter

In MSAD #46 we do have a Registered Nurse on site.  She is on an administrative contract.  

Ellsworth Elementary/ Middle School, Ellsworth

We do have a RN.  She is on a teacher calendar, but an individual contract. 

Enfield Station School, Enfield

Here at Enfield Station we have an RN that covers my school along with the Middle School/High School that is in our district. Since the middle school and high school are connected she splits her time between my school and the other two. So 2 1/2 days a week she is here at Enfield Station and the other days are spent with the middle/high school. She has a teacher contract and is paid off the teacher scale. 

Etna-Dixmont School, Etna

Our registered nurse is under the teachers’ contract.

Mt. Blue Middle School, Farmington

Mt Blue Middle School has a part time nurse on site.  7:30-11:30

Fayette Central School, Fayette

We have a RN on site half a day a week. We have a health aide (ed tech III) full time. The nurse is not under an administrative contract.

SAD 27, Fort Kent

SAD 27 ​contracts with a local care provider to have a registered nurse all day in the K-6 building and 1/2 day in the 7-12 building~ thus 1.5positions.  They are not our direct employees.

Freeport Middle School, Freeport

350 students, .8 nurse, under teacher contract.

MSAD 72, Fryeburg

MSAD72 has a registered nurse under the teacher contract.

Glenburn Elementary School, Glenburn

We have a full-time nurse and is paid as contracted service.

Hampden Academy, Hampden

Our school has a full-time registered nurse on site all day every day.  The position is actually built into the teacher collective bargaining contract and not on an administrative scale/salary.

Hancock Grammar School, Hancock

We have a full time registered nurse who falls under our teachers’ contract. However, this is not a good fit in light of the T-PEPG. We are looking at a separate contract, not an administrative contract, but a contract just for the nurse. This would be similar to our contract with our IT person.

Hermon High School, Hermon

We have a .5 RN on a teacher’s contract.

Hodgdon Middle/High School, Hodgdon

We have an RN on site working between our two schools (they are across the street from each other).  She is paid based on the teachers’ contract and is not considered an administrator.

RSU 21, Kennebunk

We have a registered nurse at each of our 6 schools.  Nurses fall under the teacher contract in RSU21.

4 Elementary nurses, 1 middle school, 1 high school nurse

Leavitt Area High School, Leavitt

We have a nurse 3 days a week.  She falls under the teachers’ contract.

Mattanawcook High School, Lincoln

We have a district RN that is housed mainly at the high school, however spends time at each building.  She is on teacher contract and has duties like any other teacher. 

Lisbon Community School, Lisbon

They are on a teacher contract. 

Philip W Sugg Middle School, Lisbon Falls

We have a RN, but she is under a separate contract. 

Spruce Mountain Primary School, Livermore Falls

We have a full time nurse under a teacher contract.

Lubec Elementary School, Lubec

We share a school nurse with all schools in the district (AOS 77).  I believe she has a contract but not administrative.

Madawaska Middle/High School, Madawaska

We have a district registered nurse employed at 5/8 time for the district.  She works from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and is shared between the elementary building and the middle high/school building.

Central Aroostook Jr/Sr High School, Mars Hill

Our school nurse has her BSN and is shared between two buildings.  She is on the teacher contract.

Fort Street Elementary School, Mars Hill

We have a registered nurse who we share with the other school in our district.  Therefore, she is at our school 1/2 time.  She has a teacher’s contract.

Medway Middle School, Medway

We share a part-time RN for Medway and East Millinocket.  4 days a week, 8:00-1:30.  In Medway, the 1.5 hours a day falls under a policy – click here to see a copy of the policy.

Millinocket School Department, Millinocket

We have a nurse on the teachers’ contract.

Ames and Weymouth Schools, Morrill

I have a part time nurse, she is in my two schools three days per week. All nurses in our district are under the teacher contract. That has also been my experience in the other districts I have worked in.

Lake Region High School, Naples

We have an RN on site; she is on the teacher contract.

Lake Region Middle School, Naples

We have a RN at the middle school, and it is awesome!  She is on a teacher contract.

Songo Locks School, Naples

Songo Locks School does have a registered nurse on site.  She is on a teacher’s contract.

Nokomis Regional High School, Newport

We do have a registered nurse that we share with one of our middle schools across the road.  She is here 3 days per week but because of the proximity of schools, in an emergency, she can quickly get to our school.

Nobleboro Central School, Nobleboro

We have an RN on site for 4 hours a day. It is a contracted service through Lincoln Health.

Mill Stream Elementary School, Norridgewock

We have a nurse two days a week and share with other district schools, and NOT on an administrative contract.

Noble High School, North Berwick

We have two nurses and they are both on the teachers’ contract.

MSAD17, Oxford Hills

We have a registered nurse four days a week.  The other day she splits between two of our smaller schools.  Nurses are on a teachers contract in our district.

Phippsburg Elementary School, Phippsburg

We have a  part time RN who is on the teachers’ contract.

MSAD 53, Pittsfield

MCI is our high school and they have their own nurse.  They are on the teachers’ contract.

RSU 16, Poland

We have 2 RNs in district, both on teacher contracts.

Bruce M. Whittier Middle School, Poland

We have a registered nurse but she is not under an administrative contract.

Casco Bay High School, Portland

We have an RN…. She is on a teacher contract. 

Ocean Avenue Elementary School, Portland

All of school nurses are RNs.  My school nurse told me, to be a certified school nurse you need a BS.  All school nurses in our district are paid on the teacher contract.  We also have nurse aids in some schools.  These positions are paid as an Ed Tech III, no nursing degree required.

Jordan-Small Middle School and Raymond Elementary School, Raymond

One RN for two schools (K-8) that are near each other. There is a LPN in the other school who can defer to the RN when needed. The RN also does over site for another school next town over that also has an LPN.

Maranacook Community High School, Readfield

We have a nurse who is under the teachers’ contract and part of our health center.

Richmond Middle/High School, Richmond

At Richmond Middle/High School, we share a nurse with other buildings, we, at best have a half time nurse in the building each day.  The school nurse is on the teachers’ contract.

Mountain Valley High School, Rumford

Mountain Valley High School has a nurse on site and it is not an administrative position.  They have their own specialized contract related to the teacher contract.

Saco School Department, Saco

Saco School Department employs three nurses (Teacher Contract) and a single LPN (Ed. Tech. Contract).

Mt. Abram High School, Salem Township

We have a nurse and they fall under a different contract.

Searsport District Middle/High School, Searsport

I have a registered nurse that I share with the elementary school (which is next door).  She is on the teachers’ contract.  

Wisdom Middle/High School, St. Agatha

We have a district-wide nurse who is not under administrative contract.

Margaret Chase Smith School, Sanford

My school has a registered nurse and she is on the teachers’ contract.

Scarborough School District, Scarborough

Scarborough RN’s are under the professional staff contract (teachers’ contract)

MSAD 6, Standish

In MSAD 6 we have registered nurses in most buildings and LPN’s to serve as assistants in larger buildings and/or to cover smaller buildings.  The RN’s are under the teachers’ contract.

Mt. View High School, Thorndike

We have two nurses that service the entire district. Their office is at the K-12 school. There are 4 other Pre-K – 5 outlying schools that they also cover. Their contracts are basically contracted services the same as speech, school psychologist, Occupational health specialist etc. 

Woodside Elementary School, Topsham

We have a nurse who is on the teachers’ contract.  I believe each year she has practiced as an RN counted towards “a year of teaching” on the teacher contract. 

RSU 40, Union 

RSU 40 has two nurses: one on site at the high school and middle school campus. The other floats at 5 elementary schools. Many years ago they became part of teachers bargaining unit (as a B.S. was required).  I am unsure if the salary scale is separate because of student/teacher ratios and increased liability but it is comparable in benefits, workdays (with additional before and after school year per diem like guidance counselors) and grievance procedures etc. 

Miller School, Waldoboro

Miller School has an RN on site 4.5 days. We have a CNA the other .5.  The nurse is under the teachers’ contract. 

Wells Elementary School, Wells

We have a registered nurse on the teachers’ contract.  

Westbrook School District, Westbrook

Westbrook has one nurse (RN) overseeing 5 nurses (LPN – RN) within the district. The Registered Nurse is on the teachers’ contract while the other nurses are on an Ed Tech contract.

Windham Primary School, Windham

We have a nurse on site on the teachers’ contract.

Windsor School, Windsor

We have a nurse who is under the teachers’ contract. 

Wiscasset Middle/High School, Wiscasset

We have a part time and full time nurse. They are not under administrative contracts.

Winslow School Department, Winslow

We have a full time registered school nurse in each of the three buildings in Winslow (Elementary, JH, and HS).  They are  hired under our teacher contract.

Samuel L. Wagner Middle School, Winterport

We have a registered nurse on site 3 days per week and she is under the teacher contract.

Winthrop School District, Winthrop

We have a District Nurse who is an RN and considered an administrator.

Coastal Ridge Elementary School, York

We have a full time nurse on the teachers’ salary contract.

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