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Alton Elementary School, Alton

In Alton and Bradley, we purchased Kindles for Kids for Pre-k and Kindergarten students.  We have a 1:1 ratio, but I don’t think that is really necessary, as the teachers find they use them more in centers, and for extra reinforcement of concepts, so it typically isn’t for whole class activities. 

In 1st through 4th grades, we have chrome books 1:1.(These are small schools with low enrollments.)  We have found that 1st grade doesn’t necessarily use them in a 1:1 fashion as often, and it depends somewhat on the teacher, but the other grades use Google applications, keyboarding, online book.  This has been a pretty cost-effective practice and we have had few issues.  I had concerns initially about the Chrome books being able to run Lego robotics, but they have a solution for that now.

Blue Hill Consolidated School, Blue Hill

BHCS has 1:1 iPads through MLTI for 3-8 grades. We have the same device for PK-2, but in sets of 4 per classroom to be used as a center. We do not have a computer lab, we have a Maker Space. Most grade levels K-6 have a weekly tech class where the tech teacher (who is full time and also is responsible for all tech working properly) will go to them, or go to the Maker Space- we call it our IDEA Center. Students in 7-8 have Choice Based Specials, and the teacher offers a variety of options including IDEA I, IDEA II, Lego Robotics, and Pumpkin Chunkin’.

CK Burns School, Saco

We have new Chromebooks that we are now using in grades 3-5.  We use a lot of Google, for all instruction.

Enfield Station School, Enfield

In grades K-2, students use either iPad’s or Kindle’s. In K and Grade1 it is mostly iPads. We almost have 1:1 for students but not completely in all K and Grade 1. In grade 2 the three classrooms have 10 kindles per room. Four of the 7 classrooms also have SmartBoards in the classroom. Students get computer class for 40 minutes one time per week, which is done in the computer lab. 

Fort Kent Elementary School, Fort Kent

Our school is using 1:1 technology integration in grades 2-6.   Grade 2 has older Mac I Books, Grades 3&4 use MacBook Airs, Grades 5 & 6 use two different types of Chromebooks,  Grade K & 1 are using iPads 1 to 2 and Pre-k is using iPads (Stations and partners), one set of 4 for a class of up to 16 (Stations).  We employ many Google Classroom applications throughout the school.  We also use a variety of software available on the web.

Fort Street Elementary School, Mars Hill

Fort Street School is a PreK-6 school.  We have a computer lab equipped with 20 desktop computers.  One of our Title 1 paraprofessionals teaches a class to students of all ages how to use the computers.  She also teaches keyboarding to students in grades 3-6.

In addition, grades 4, 5 and 6 have 1-to-1 Chrome laptops, and our two grade 3 teachers share laptops.

Last year, our school received 50 Kindles from Cole Transportation museum as a grant.  We purchased two carts and covers for the Kindles, and they are housed in the library for anyone to use. 

Miles Lane School, Bucksport

*Computer lab containing 20 Chrome devices (our librarian uses these with weekly classes to teach keyboarding, digital citizenship, online researching, etc. to our students); classroom teachers may sign up for available blocks in the week.

*Cart of 20 Chromebook laptops for use by third and fourth grade classes in primarily writing for word processing and using Google Drive (docs, presentations, etc.)

*5 iPads per 3rd and 4th grade classrooms and 6 iPads per 1st and 2nd grade classrooms for various uses (i.e. projects, Raz-kids, Lexia, iXL, story building, recording oral reading for fluency, etc.) –We have a total of 115 iPads in our school with an enrollment of 300 students. 

*Classroom teachers all have a teacher laptop, a mounted LCD projector, and at least 1 desktop computer in their classrooms.

*We do not have a tech integrator position.  Teachers integrate technology as often as possible. 

Raymond Elementary School, Raymond

K & 1 have 5 or 6 iPads per classroom and a few old Macs~ this makes for roughly 2:1 including both devices.

Grade 2 is 2:1 laptops

Grade 3 and 4 are 1:1 laptops

All classrooms have an LCD projector or flat screen TV or Smart Board.

We do not have computer lab. Third and fourth grade students receive instruction in typing and basic document creation once per week with our librarian. We do not have an elementary level integrator but I “borrow” the middle school integrator now and then.

Lubec Elementary School

Grade 1-8 have one to one iPads.  The usage varies depending on the teacher.  We have some teachers who have textbooks on line, use keynote, ebackpack.  Our printers are spread throughout the building.  We also have a couple of 3D printers.  Some staff take advantage of the PD from MLTI (they will come to your school for FREE!).  Most classrooms have an Apple TV.

Margaret Chase Smith School, Sanford

In Sanford, our elementary students (grades K-5) are almost one-to-one with iPads.  I say nearly because we have had several students move into our district and we are running out of iPads.  We have the iPads because our school department decided to go one-to-one with Chromebooks 9-12 and this freed up the iPads to be distributed at the elementary level.  Also, this year there is a position for a technology integrator to help teachers become comfortable in how to maximize the use of iPads in their instruction

Mill Stream Elementary, Norridgewock

One computer lab with desktops, 2017 Chrome books on carts in wings of the building to be shared by two grade levels, promethean boards in every classroom


Our school is a 1:1 Chromebook device grades 4 and 5.  Each 3rd and 2nd  grade classroom has a set of 5 Chromebook devices to use.  K and 1 have a set of 5 iPads in the classroom to utilize.  

Each classroom has a tv or projector with a Chromecast.  K and 1 classrooms also have an Apple TV.  

Computer classes are once a week for 45 minutes at every grade level with a mobile cart and teacher that comes to the classroom.  

Technology integration is done in a computer class format once a week but also if technology help or integration/STEM is needed at other times the tech department will come in to help and assist.  But at the 4th and 5th grade level devices are used daily in each classroom due to 1 to 1 availability.  


RSU 1 switched to Chromebooks for both staff and students.  We have 1:1 computing K-5 (that’s the phase level I can speak to). Students also have access to iPads and Macbooks for special projects.

RSU 74

At the elementary schools in RSU #74 we have a computer lab and a computer cart which is shared with K-3. The cart has Chromebooks, and the lab has Windows laptops. In grades 4 and 5 we have one to one touch screen convertible Chromebooks. 

Stevens Brook Elementary School, Turner

In MSAD 61, we just went to 1:1 laptops for grades 3-5. Students do not take them home, they remain in school. For grades K-2, the ratio is 1:2 and the laptops are housed in carts for sign out. K, 1, and 2 have 3-4 laptops housed in their rooms for math and ELA technology rotations during the math and ELA blocks. We have some desktops, but as they fall into disrepair, we don’t replace them. Our special ed self-contained classrooms have 1:1 iPads. We do not have a computer lab.

Windham Primary School, Windham

Kindergarten and Grade 1- MacBooks 1-1, 4 iPads per class, 1 teacher iPad and Dell Laptop, Interactive White Board

Grades 2-3 – Dell Laptops 1-1, 1 teacher iPad and Dell Laptop, Interactive White Board

The intent of our hardware and software is to transform the learning via projects and student-centered instruction, personalize the learning and remediate the learning. 

Woodland Elementary School

Woodland Elementary School: population 153, 1 class per grade, average class size: 17 students.  We have Chromebooks for all students grades 3-6 (purchased through local funds).  iPads for all students in grades 1-2 (purchased w/some local funds, but mostly through grants…Donor’s Choose, etc.) 

Computer Lab: 25 iMacs – We are having discussions about getting rid of lab because students almost all have 1 to 1 devices.  We have 1 part time technology teacher that focuses on digital citizenship, keyboarding, google products for classroom use.  Every classroom has projector and smart board (although smart boards are not used much because of technical problems).  All teachers have Mac books.  GoGuardian is used by every teacher.

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