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Biddeford High School, Biddeford

What do they allow for pictures? Yes — senior pictures. Vertical orientation only.

Do they allow students to wear hats or have their favorite animal? 

 Do they have quotes and if so, are there expectations?  

Rules for senior write-ups:

The yearbook maintains editorial control over the content of all senior write-ups. The yearbook staff reserves the right to eliminate any information or an entire write-up that do not adhere to the guidelines    

Fryeburg Academy, Fryeburg

We do allow hats in our senior photos, as long as the photo abides by the student/ parent handbook guidelines we will allow it. It doesn’t matter if the picture is horizontal or vertical we accept them all, we do not accept photos with the photographers watermark on them they need to have rights to the photo for us to print them.

We have an entire bio section where they tell us their name, the town they live in (since we have people from other countries) QUOTE: Nicknames: SPORTS: CLUBS: Fav Teachers Friends: Memories: Future Plans: FAREWELL. 

For us we are fortunate enough to have a printer that isn’t as expensive so there isn’t really a word limit because only a few people really go crazy with their information. 

Hermon High School, Hermon

They do not advise having a policy. All school rules and expectations apply to the yearbook.

Houlton Middle/High School, Houlton

The students choose pics. Nothing inappropriate is allowed. Same thing with quotes.  

Leavitt High School, Turner

What we allow for pictures is pretty open.  Students can wear hats or have their pet.  Additionally, students submit a quote the expectation is that it’s appropriate.  The yearbook advisor scans all pictures and quotes and consults with administration on anything that is questionable.

Mt. Valley High School, Rumford

The yearbook staff under the supervision of the advisor has sets the rules and expectations in regards to yearbook submissions.  If there is a challenging situation it is brought to my desk.  We have no specific rules but we do expect students to meet our four keys/standards of success. 

Oceanside High School, Rockland

We allow the students to express themselves in anyway, unless it is a violation of our code of conduct. We have had trucks, animals, hats, etc.

Poland Regional High School, Poland

Poland Regional does not allow hats for underclass students, since we use their school ID pictures and they are not allowed to have hats for their IDs. Seniors get their pictures taken outside of school and have more leeway. They pose with animals, musical instruments, bales of hay, trucks/cars, etc. They also are allowed to wear hats. Only seniors provide quotes (and baby pictures and senior memories). All quotes and memories get proofed twice, once by the yearbook advisor and once by administration. Quotes and memories are expected to be school appropriate and free from innuendo. 

Scarborough High School, Scarborough

At Scarborough we do the following related to our Yearbook:

In terms of senior photos anything in the picture is fine including hats, animals, etc. as long as it stays in accordance with the SHS dress code policy and is school appropriate.

Quotations are the same and they must be school appropriate. 

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